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Whiteheader1.png Charis is an Aes Sedai of the White Ajah.

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Charis Delphi
Real Name Nicole Raines
Location Belleville, Ontario, Canada
Birthday August 5, 1980
TarValon.Net Information
Affiliation White Ajah
Rank Aes Sedai
Join Date October 9, 2011
Bonded to
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  • White Ajah Bubble Lab Manager: April 11, 2017 - present





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August 6, 2013

Why did you choose White?

Because it was where I belonged. When I was guesting it was the first place I hit (for the record I drew names from a hat) and I liked it. That surprised me, but I moved on to check everyone else out as well. They were all amazing, but it wasn't the same. White was where I could just be me, I didn't have to try to be anything. I could just BE.

Are you like the Whites in the Books? Are you a logical woman with no time for emotion in her life?

No emotion? Heck no! Logical.. I try. Ultimatly, no. I am not a book White.

Do you have a favorite White Ajah character from the novels?

Alviarin. Hands down.

How long have you been a fan of the Wheel of Time series?

About 10 years now.

How did you first get into the series?

My ex had the books. I was reading fanatasy type novels at the time, and he had them laying around. Sadly, I doubt he ever finished them.

Who is your favorite "hero"?

Mat. He's flawed, they all are, but he rocks those flaws!

Favorite bad guy/gal?

Going to have to go with Alviarin again. She's such a badass! "Do you think I could have not been first? No, it suits me to be second." God, I love that woman.

Favorite book and scene?

The scene where Nyneave Heal Logain by accident! ACCIDENT I tell you. Actually, Lord of Chaos is by far my favorite book. So much happens.

If you were set down in Randland, who/what would you see yourself as? An Aes Sedai? Innkeeper? Seanchan Captain?

I'd like to think I could have been Aes Sedai, but they probably would have had to beat the snot out of my during my Novice/Accepted years. Definatly not a Seanchan. They creep me out.

How did you find TarValon.Net and what convinced you to stay and become Tower Sworn?

I found it through the Twitter feed. I'd followed a bunch of WOT related things, and kept seeing the announcements. Once I joined, I liked the environment, and then I realized what a wonderful brother/sisterhood there was here. So I stuck around.

What do you do in "real life"?

Nothing Terribly exciting

Do you have any hobbies?

DO I? Of course. Many. Photography, Cross-Stitch, Reading, Gaming. Others that I can't remember I'm sure

What kind of music do you enjoy listening to?

Varied. Not a big fan of country or rap, but anything goes. Like some "New Agey" stuff, Tori Amos, Pop etc

What are some of your favorite movies / television shows?

LOTR, Star Wars, Star Trek, Lost Girl, Supernatural. There's a theme here, it's called being a nerd.

Aside from The Wheel of Time, what are a few of your favorite books/series?

Anything by Michelle West, Game of Thrones(sometimes), Harry Potter. LOTR.

What profession did you want to have when you were a kid?

A teacher.