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TarValon.Net's first Official Events were held in 2002, including the first Anniversary Party, the first European Party, the Tower's first official presence at Dragon*Con, and the first Fall Ball. These first events were very small, and through the years they built up to the large Official Events we have now.

Anniversary Party

Main article: Anniversary Party 2002

The first Anniversary Party was held from April 5-7 in Norman, Oklahoma, USA, at Jorryn's house. Jorryn served as Local Liaison.

Euro Party

Main article: Euro Party 2002

The first European Party was held in Rotterdam, the Netherlands on August 17-19, 2002. At least five members attended. Elyna al'Tzoran served as Local Liaison.


Main article: Dragon*Con 2002

TarValon.Net held its first official presence at Dragon*Con in Atlanta, Georgia, USA. Five members attended.

Fall Ball

Main article: Fall Ball 2002

The first Fall Ball was held in November in Portland, Oregon, USA. The event included dinner, a tour of downtown Portland, a trivia competition, and a sa'sara competition. Ban al'Seen served as Local Liaison.