A Crown of Swords

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A Crown of Swords
Author Robert Jordan
Cover Artist Darrell K. Sweet
Series The Wheel of Time (#7)
Publication Date 15 May 1996
Pages 720 (U.S. Hardback edition)
ISBN-13 978-0312857677
Preceded by Lord of Chaos
Followed by The Path of Daggers

A Crown of Swords is the seventh book in Robert Jordan's The Wheel of Time Series. It was published by Tor Books, US and released on May 15, 1996; it consists of a prologue and 41 chapters.

The audiobook, narrated by Michael Kramer and Kate Reading, is 30 hours and 24 minutes long.


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Chapter Summaries

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Other Issues

  • The Bulgarian edition was first released in 1999 by BARD publishing house (ИК "БАРД"), translated by Valerii Russinov (Валерий Русинов). There is no audiobook in Bulgarian.

Titles in Other Languages

  • Bulgarian - Korona ot mechove - Корона от мечове
  • Norwegian - Sverdkronen
  • Serbian - Kruna mačeva

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