Lord of Chaos

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Lord of Chaos
Author Robert Jordan
Cover Artist Darrell K. Sweet
Series The Wheel of Time (#6)
Publication Date 15 October 1994
Pages 720 (U.S. Hardback edition)
ISBN-13 978-0312854287
Preceded by The Fires of Heaven
Followed by A Crown of Swords

Lord of Chaos is the sixth book in Robert Jordan's The Wheel of Time Series. First published on October 15, 1994 (exactly one year after The Fires of Heaven) by Tor Books, US, it consists of a prologue and 55 chapters. Unlike the previous five books, the sixth one includes also an epilogue.

The audiobook, narrated by Michael Kramer and Kate Reading, is 41 hours and 32 minutes long.


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Chapter Summaries

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Other Issues

  • The Bulgarian edition was first released in 1999 by BARD publishing house (ИК "БАРД"), translated by Valerii Russinov (Валерий Русинов). There is no audiobook in Bulgarian.
  • The Norwegian edition was first published in 2001 by Tiden Norsk Forlag AS and it was translated by Morten Hansen.

Titles in Other Languages

  • Bulgarian - Gospodarijat na haosa - Господарят на хаоса
  • Norwegian (issued in single volume): Kaosets herre
  • Norwegian (issued in three volumes):
    • Kaosets Herre (Lord of Chaos)
    • Amyrlins Trone (The Amyrlin's throne)
    • Det Svarte Tårnet (The Black Tower)
  • Serbian - Gospodar haosa
  • Swedish (issued in two volumes):
    • Fursten av Kaos (The Lord of Chaos)
    • Svarta tornet (The Black Tower)

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