A Crown of Swords: Chapter 40

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Points of View: Galina, Sevanna, Maeric, Graendal, Shaidar Haran


Sammael spreads the Shaido across the Westlands.


Galina's Point of View:

Setting: Outside Cairhien

Characters: Galina, Sammael, Sevanna, Therava, Rhiale

Galina thinks how unfair it is that someone as powerful as her could be captured. She thinks she will not try escaping again until one hundred percent sure of success. She is shocked to learn she has only been prisoner for nine days. Sevanna and her Wise Ones come to see her and accuse her of murdering a Wise One. She believes they mean those that died attacking at Dumai's Wells. She tells them she will remember those who help her, but also those who don't. They pronounce her da'tsang, a "despised one", and dress her in a black wool robe.

Sevanna's Point of View:

Setting: Outside Cairhien

Characters: Sammael, Sevanna, Therava, Graendal, Rhiale

The Wise Ones argue about Galina; Therava believes her to be tamed. Sammael, disguising as Caddar, appears with an object he calls an Oath Rod and tells them it can be used to make any woman who can channel obey, but no one else. Sevanna finds him insolent. He has also brought nar'baha - traveling boxes. He tells them they work with saidin so the Wise Ones will not be able to see or feel anything, they should also not touch the boxes or else they will stop working for days afterward, there are also other limits.

Maeric's Point of View:

Setting: Outside Cairhien

Characters: Laerad, Maeric

Maeric uses the traveling cube to open a gateway, feeling sure that most of the septs will use the majority of the Wise Ones. He goes through first to make sure it is safe. The rest of the sept follow, thinking he will be allowed to go to Rhuidean eventually. He thinks disapprovingly of those who abandoned sept and clan because they did not believe Rand, unsure of his own thoughts on the matter. The gateway shuts suddenly, killing the last few passing through, and leaving his son and daughter on the other side. He is told of tens of thousands of men approaching and tries to save who he can. He leads the spears to their deaths.

Graendal's Point of View:

Setting: Outside Cairhien

Characters: Graendal, Sammael

Graendal watches the Shaido leave and tells Sammael he takes too large risks. She considers abandoning him for Demandred, but he warns her that she is tied to him.

Shaidar Haran's Point of View:

Setting: Outside Cairhien

Characters: Shaidar Haran

Shaidar Haran watches Sammael and Graendal leave, arguing, thinking that the day it would be able to stay away from Shayol Ghul was approaching.

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