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Author: Nairah Tarak



Sevanna is an Aiel woman of the Jumai sept of the Shaido Clan and Roofmistress of Comarda Hold. she is also a Wise One, primarily because she insisted she was ready to be treated as a Wise One (TGS, Ch. 26)


She is well short of her middle years, and pretty with golden hair and emerald eyes. But she has a greedy mouth and her eyes are calculating. She always wears a lot of jewelry.


She is wily, untrustworthy, extremely greedy and a troublemaker. She is highly ambitious.

She takes pride in having an Aes Sedai as a gai'shain and is annoyed when Galina is beaten so much that people might not realise who she is (KoD, Ch. 5).

Condensed Timeline

This section contains spoilers relating to the entire series. Please expand to view.

  • She married Suladric when she was sixteen to become the wife of a Clan Chief and Roofmistress.
  • When Suladric died, she latched onto Muradin
  • When Muradin didn't return from Rhuidean, she turned to Couladin and supported him as He Who Comes With the Dawn.
  • When Couladin died, she took control of the Shaido, acting as Clan Chief.
  • She has her Wise Ones murder Desaine (LoC, Ch. 53).
  • After Sammael scattered the Shaido across the Westlands, she and the Wise Ones who could channel set up camp in Malden
  • She decides to settle in the rich city of Malden (CoT, Ch. 9).
  • Her influence waned as Therava and Someryn asserted their position, but she was still a leading figure, speaking for the Clan Chief until she was captured by the Seanchan (KoD, Ch. 30).

Relationships with Other Characters

She always loved Couladin, but married Suladric when she was sixteen.

Perrin intends to hunt her down someday for what she did (ToM, Ch. 16).

Sevanna's Journey

The Shadow Rising

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  • Sevanna leads a large contingency of Shaido to Alcair Dal (TSR, Ch. 57).
  • Sevanna is surprised when Rand shows that he has dragon tatoos as well (TSR, Ch. 57)
  • After the Clan Chiefs acknowledge Rand as Car'a'carn she takes Couladin and together they lead the Shaido away from Alcair Dal before Rand returns from Rhuidean (TSR, Ch. 58).

The Fires of Heaven

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There is no relevant reference to Sevanna in this book.

Lord of Chaos

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A Crown of Swords

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  • Sevanna starts wearing finger rings, a wetlander custom (ACoS, Prologue
  • She has decided that the Shaido will not have a new clan chief. she intends to marry Rand and have him name chiefs, and to pass on the rank to their children (ACoS, Prologue)
  • Sevanna orders the Shaido Wise Ones to help in the attack on the Aes Sedai holding Rand at Dumai's Wells, using Desaine's death as incentive (ACoS, Prologue).
  • Sevanna has her Wise Ones use the call box to call Sammael and meets with him and Graendal. She asks for devices to control Aes Sedai and a method to Travel so she can gather more wealth (ACoS, Ch. 20).
  • Nine days after the battle at Dumai's Wells and six days after the meeting with "Caddar," Therava and a large group of Shaido Wise Ones and Maidens arrive at Sevanna's camp, bringing Galina. Caddar and Maisia arrive with "travel boxes." Caddar gives Sevanna a binder.
  • Sammael tells Sevanna that Rand is coming for her and has taught the Wise Ones with him how to Travel. They open gateways and disperse the Shaido. Sevanna brings all of the Wise Ones who can channel with her and winds up in Ghealdan (ACoS, Ch. 40).

The Path of Daggers

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  • Sevanna and six Wise Ones question and kill a Seanchan soldier but don't really believe what he tells them (TPoD, Ch. 11).
  • One of the Mera'din comes to her for judgement and she tries to imply that she is influencing the result, to bind them to her (TPoD, Ch. 11)
  • The Wise Ones blame Sevanna for dispersing the Shaido and weakening them. They force her to accept Therava as an advisor. After they force Galina to swear obedience Therava takes the binder from Sevanna. (TPoD, Ch. 11).

Winter's Heart

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Crossroads of Twilight

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  • Sevanna takes to punishing the five gai'shain who please her least each day (CoT, Ch. 9).
  • When Rand cleanses the source, Therava gets nervous and insists they leave the area and move east, but Sevanna prevails and they stay at Malden CoT, Ch. 9).
  • She has Faile punished for stealing a knife (CoT, Ch. 9).

Knife of Dreams

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  • Sevanna still intends to marry Rand and unite the clans (KoD, Ch. 5).
  • Sevanna takes to referring to Galina as "Galina Sedai" (KoD, Ch. 5).
  • She is told that Bendhuin has been given permission to go to Rhuidean (KoD, Ch. 5)
  • Sevanna is captured by the Seanchan (KoD, Ch. 30).


Now that she is with the Jumai Sept and all the channeling Shaido Wise Ones in Amadicia, she wears rich wetlander clothes, with gems on every finger, and rides horses. She also arranged for twice as many Mera'din as Jumai to follow her sept.


"Sevanna is as wily and untrustworthy as an Shaido ever born" (Rhuarc, The Shadow Rising, Chapter 49)