A Crown of Swords: Chapter 7

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Lion Chapter Icon.png

Pitfalls and Tripwires

Chapter Icon: The Lion of Andor

Point of View: Rand

Setting: Andor

Characters: Bael, Davram Bashere, Deira Bashere, Jalani, Melaine, Rand, Sulin


Rand visits Bashere in Andor.


Rand broods, suspicious of everyone except Min. He thinks about the flashes of color he saw while captured that reminded him of Mat and Perrin. He travels to Andor with Jonan Adley, Eben Hopwil, Fedwin Morr and the Maidens. They dress him as a prisoner and blindfold him to avoid recognition; they take him to Bashere. Once there, Bashere is questioned about his intentions. Bael argues that the White Tower has put itself against Rand, but Rand says he has enough enemies without fighting the Tower. They tell him the rebels are camped outside Cairhien and Bael suggests sending the spears to finish them. Rand is somewhat distracted, thinking about the angreal he lost and how to get it back. He is informed of nine Aes Sedai at an inn called the Silver Swan and that others have come and gone since he left a month ago. Bashere tells him of the large number of men now following him, who were not capable of learning to channel.

He is told that Dyelin has hanged and flogged some nobles who declared her as a competitor for the throne. She, Pelivar and Luan imprisoned Elenia and Naean for declaring themselves, but there is a feeling that the country is for Dyelin. He then announces that the spears are to march on Illian.

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