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Sulin is a Maiden of the Spear of the Goshien Aiel (WH, Ch. 6) who accompanied Rand across the Spine of the World into Cairhien (TFoH, Ch. 7), where she led the Maidens. Rand sent her with Perrin into Ghealdan. She is wiry with white hair (TFoH, Ch. 7), with pale blue eyes (TFoH, Ch. 20) and a scar on her face (LoC, Ch. 1).


She treats Rand like a long lost brother (LoC, Ch. 3). She considers treating him like a son to be nonsense (LoC, Ch. 18).

She initially disapproves of Cha Faile, but comes to accept them to an extent (ACoS, Ch. 4).

She is unable to understand why Seonid's Warders would offer to take her punishment and thinks this would be shaming to her (TPoD, Ch. 9).


  • She is chosen roofmistress of the Maidens in Rhuidean and leads the ones who cross the Dragonwall (TFoH, Ch. 20).
  • She physically keeps Egwene from interfering in Wise One's business with Rand (TFoH, Ch. 7).
  • She explains to Rand that as chief, he owns a tenth of the fifth that the Aiel were entitled to in Tear and Cairhien (TFoH, Ch. 30).
  • She refuses to take the Maidens away from him in the battle for Cairhien (TFoH, Ch. 43).
  • She holds him when he collapses after the battle (TFoH, Ch. 44).
  • She forces Rand to take Maidens with him when he goes to kill Rahvin (TFoH, Ch. 53).
  • She is one of the Maidens who goes with Rand and Taim to the farm (LoC, Ch. 2)
  • She advises Rand on how to regain Aviendha's affections (LoC, Ch. 4).
  • She uses Maiden handtalk to three gai'shain when Rand is going to Shadar Logoth (LoC, Ch. 21).
  • She goes with Rand to Shadar Logoth (LoC, Ch. 21).
  • She starts to act as a servant to make up her toh. He decides to take her on as his personal servant to ease her labours (LoC, Ch. 28).
  • Rand instructs her to obey Perrin and Faile as she would him (LoC, Ch. 46).
  • She puts on cadin'sor again when the White Tower embassy takes Rand (LoC, Ch. 53).
  • She is in dispute with Nandera over who leads the Maidens. They fight and she wins, but Nandera takes leadership (LoC, Ch. 54).
  • She leaves for Ghealdan with Perrin (ACoS, Ch. 27).
  • Faile leaves her behind when she goes hawking as people could be scared by a large number of Aiel (TPoD, Ch. 30).
  • She tells Perrin what the trackers learned about the abduction (WH, Ch. 6).
  • Sulin and the other Maidens scout the Shaido camp and tell Perrin they seem to be settling in (CoT, Ch. 8).
  • She brings a Shaido prisoner to be tortured for information (CoT, Ch. 27).
  • She leads a group of Maidens to kill the Shaido sentries and takes another scar to the face. It can be assumed she takes part in the later attack on the town (KoD, Ch. 29).
  • In the first printing of The Gathering Storm, Sulin is with Rand when he goes to kill Graendal and tells him all is clear. This is changed in the ebook to Nerilea (TGS, Ch. 37).
  • She leads the Maidens who scout the transplanted village in Ghealdan (ToM, Ch. 4).
  • Perrin sends her to check on the Whitecloaks after the trial (ToM, Ch. 40).
  • Sulin and Gaul choose the campsite for Perrin at the Field of Merrilor (ToM, Ch. 53).


"I am the spear. When a lover came between me and the spear, I chose the spear. Some chose the other way. Some decide they have run with the spears long enough, that they want a husband, a child. I have never wanted anything else. No chief would hesitate to send me wherever the dance is hottest. If I died there, my first-sisters would mourn me, but not a fingernail more than when our first-brother fell. A treekiller who stabbed me to the heart in my sleep would do me more honor than you do. Do you understand now?" (The Fires of Heaven, Chapter 53).

"Did you see her face? No one has set her down like that since ... since never, I think. Not even Rhuarc" (Aviendha, Lord of Chaos, Chapter 19).

"The Aes Sedai have taken my first-brother!" (Lord of Chaos, Chapter 53)