A Memory of Light: Chapter 15

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Your Neck in a Cord

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Points of View: Mat, Rand


Mat climbs up the side of the Tarasin Palace to try and find Tuon. He finds her in the garden where a Gray Man tries to kill her but Mat manages to stop him. Rand visits his father to give him a gift.


Mat's Point of View:

Location: The Tarasin Palace

Characters: Mat, Selucia

As Mat dangles from a balcony three stories above the Tarasin Palace, he consoles himself by thinking that it isn't the hardest place he's ever tried to break into. He makes his way onto the balcony while rehearsing how he will tell Tuon that Galgan was betraying her and she should leave the city. Before he can make it to her, something is shot from the shadows. Selucia reveals herself to be a bodyguard as she levels a crossbow at Mat. The two banter with Selucia very nearly making a joke and coming very close to guessing the reason why Mat lost his eye. She dismisses the idea that Galgan would assassinate Tuon while also reminding Mat that the Empress' name is now Fortuona. Mat thanks her, although she questions if it is for telling him where Tuon was or not killing him. He replies it is for not calling him "Highness."

Rand's Point of View:

Location: Braem Wood

Characters: Rand, Ban al'Seen, Dav al'Thone, Tam

Rand walks through Elayne's camp accompanied by a pair of Maidens. Everything in the camp is quiet so as to avoid attracting the Trollocs. He ruminates on how Elayne asked him to reveal himself when he visits the camp as they fight for him. He comes across Ban al'Seen and Dav al'Thone. He tells them that they have the most important task; watching over his father. Rand walks into the tent to find his father, Tam looking over maps. Rand presents him with a replacement sword for the one he was unable to return. Tam believes it is too fine, but Rand insists on it being a thank you gift. They discuss the flame and the void. Tam reveals that it is not about archery or swords. Rather, it is about inner peace. The two go outside and Tam convinces his son to duel with him. Rand is hesitant, but eventually learns to let go and find balance.

Mat's Point of View:

Location: The Tarasin Palace

Characters: Mat, Daruo, Barrin, Karede, Fortuona

Mat makes his way to the gardens. He finds Tuon practicing hand combat forms and admires her beauty. He asks himself if he loves her, but the question makes him uncomfortable. Something moves out of the corner of his eye, but he dismisses it as a gardener. He tries to look again and cannot focus on the person. Almost unconsciously, he pulls out a knife from his sleeve and throws it at the man. Tuon tries to pin down the attacker but misses, as does Mat's second knife and the Gray Man escapes. Mat tells her about Galgan and she also dismisses the idea. Karede arrives and offers his life to repay his shame. Tuon refuses, and tells him that Mat will teach him how to spot a Gray Man. She dismisses everyone in order to spend time with Mat. She unceremoniously disrobes and says that it is a reward for saving her life. Mat asks if she loves him, but she replies she is with him because the omens say she must be. She concedes that it is good to see him, and Mat accepts that for the time being.


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Who sent the Gray Man after Tuon?
How does Mat see the Gray Man?

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