A Memory of Light: Chapter 17

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Dragon Chapter Icon.png

Older, More Weathered

Chapter Icon: A Dragon

Point of View: Mat

Location: Ebou Dar

Characters: Mat, Fortuona, Musenge, Musicar, Rand, Selucia


Rand arrives to make a deal with the Seanchan. Mat vouches for him and Tuon agrees to help as long as Rand helps to secure their borders.


Mat wakes up outside on the grass. He is interrupted by voices talking about the escaped Gray Man. He's quite embarrassed by his and Tuon's nakedness even though Musenge is bowing his head towards the ground. A Deathwatch Guard approaches and tells them that another possible assassin has been captured. Fortuona bids him to bring the assassin forward. The assassin is actually Rand. Tuon shouts for her damane to be brought quickly. Rand remains nonchalant. Mat appeals to Rand to remain calm, despite no obvious signs of hostility. Mat is caught up in air. Rand reveals that he is shielded and could not do it, and Mat realizes that Tuon has stolen his medallion. Mat and Rand quickly compare notes about what the other has been up to. Tuon believes Rand to have surrendered himself to the Seanchan and in turn he begins to question what she would have done if they had arrived at the shores only to find the armies of Artur Hawkwing still ruling. Tuon insists that it is her right to rule the lands as she is a descendant of Hawkwing himself. Rand proves her logic is wrong as he is Lews Therin Telamon reborn so his rule supersedes her own. At this, the grass begins to grow more green around Rand. Mat notices that Rand is singing very softly and as he does so the green begins to spread and sprout more trees and growth. He again asks Tuon to fight with him in the Last Battle. Mat convinces Tuon to use Rand to their advantage. She will have him secure their boarders in Altara. He also gives her Tarabon and half of Almoth Plain. However, when she attempts to claim any woman that can channel, Rand denies her the right to capture any new damane. Instead, she will be allowed to keep those already collared. With the agreement made, everyone retreats to go prepare for war. Before he leaves, Mat tells Rand that he saved Moiraine thus winning their little competition.


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