A Memory of Light: Chapter 23

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Age Lace Chapter Icon.png

At the Edge of Time

Chapter Icon: Frayed Weaving

Points of View: Gawyn, Egwene, Aviendha, Rand



Gawyn's Point of View:

Location: Kandor

Characters: Gawyn, Egwene

Gawyn scouts ahead while leaving his warder’s cloak on Egwene. He tells her that he will drop a stone as a warning if he finds anything. He slips on one of the rings of the Bloodknives.

Egwene's Point of View:

Location: Kandor

Characters: Egwene, Bayle, Gawyn, Leilwin

Egwene begins moving behind Gawyn, but pauses at the sound of a dropped stone. She crouches to wait for another chance to move. She senses the channeler mere moments before a shield is slammed between Egwene and the Source. She let her terror build to alert Gawyn through their bond. Leilwin smashes the channeler on the head to rescue Egwene. Gawyn and Bayle rejoin the women.

Aviendha's Point of View:

Location: Thakan'dar

Characters: Aviendha, Alivia, Amys, Bera, Sarene, Vitalien

Aviendha attacks the Shadow-forgers and releases the captives. Her job was to guard Rand’s back as he entered the Pit of Doom. He warned her to look for Darkfriends. She battles channelers who use balefire and notices cracks that lead to darkness in the rocks. Duhara & Falion are found to be Dreadlords and Aviendha escapes an encounter with the third woman, likely Graendal. Aviendha sets up three circles: one to attack the Trollocs while the other two wait to goad the enemy to attack what seems like a singular circle. She then sets up Traveling grounds and keeps strict control over who channels and where in order to pinpoint an attack.

Rand's Point of View:

Location: The entrance to the Pit of Doom

Characters: Rand, Moiraine, Nynaeve, Thom, The Creator ?

Rand approaches the bases of the mountain of Shayol Ghul. He orders no channeling until the strike on the Dark one, if possible. Thom volunteers to guard the entry into the cave. Nynaeve suggest that Rand should rest, eyeing the old wound in his side. His blood ran inside his boot & he left a bloody footprint behind…blood on the rocks. He unsheathes Callandor & asks Moiraine & Nynaeve to form a circle. Moiraine asks if one of them should lead so he could use that safely. Rand states that he doesn’t intend to be safe. So long as he led the circle, another could strike and seize control of him. Questioning himself about whether or not he had planned well enough and was it the right time, a voice in all capital letters booms “IT IS TIME. LET THE TASK BE UNDERTAKEN”. Rand was not surprised, as he had heard this voice once before now. He had been hoping for it. Presumably, the voice was the Creator.


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