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Author: Estella Sharina Agadis




Gaul is nearly a head taller than Perrin, and his voice has an unruffled coolness, a calm sureness. He is of the Imran Sept of the Shaarad Aiel, and a Shae'en M'taal. Gaul is from Hot Springs Hold. He is uneasy when looking at rivers (TDR, Ch. 34; TSR, Ch. 42).

He is sun-dark, a handsome man in a rugged way, a little older than Nynaeve. His eyes are as green and clear as polished gems, and his eyelashes are so dark that they seem to outline his eyes in black. His teeth are white (TSR, Ch. 7). Gaul's hair is reddish. He could have been Rand's older cousin, or a young uncle (TSR, Ch. 16).


As an Aiel, he will not kill without hiding his face, and he will never touch a sword. He will not fight any Aes Sedai, nor any woman who is not a Maiden of the Spear.

The Sharaad Aiel and the Goshien Aiel have a feud, but that doesn't stop Gaul from falling in love with Chiad of the Goshien Aiel.

Condensed Timeline

Relationships with Other Characters

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Gaul and Perrin are friends. At first, their relationship was based on Gaul owing Perrin a blood debt after Perrin saved the Aiel when he was caged, but as time has went by, they have come to like each other, and at least Perrin considers Gaul his friend (TDR, Ch. 34; TSR, Ch. 31).

Unlikely as it might seem, Gaul and Chiad of the Goshien Aiel have fallen in love, even though Chiad does not want to give up the spear so that she can marry Gaul. The Goshien and the Sharaad Aiel have a blood feud, but the two do not care about the feud anymore (TSR, Ch. 56; LoC, Ch. 45; ACoS, Ch. 3).

He doesn't like Bain, but he would marry her to make Chiad happy (ACoS, Ch. 3).

After Malden he has taken Bain and Chiad as his gai'shan (TGS, Ch. 21). He finds their attitude to him after this frequently frustrating (ToM, Ch. 34).

Chiad is considering marrying him (TGS, Ch. 21).

Gaul's Journey

The Eye of the World

There is no relevant reference to Gaul in this book.

The Great Hunt

There is no relevant reference to Gaul in this book.

The Dragon Reborn

  • Perrin first sees Gaul in a town called Remen, where Gaul is caged. He does not flinch when the children are throwing stones at him. According to a Hunter of the Horn, Gaul was a part of a pack of twenty wild Aiel. Two Hunters called Lord Orban and Lord Gann fought the Aiel with only ten retainers (TDR, Ch. 33).
  • Perrin decides to free the Aiel from the cage, and after he's done that, they talk for a bit, before several Whitecloaks arrive, trying to stop them. They have to fight, and most of them men lying on the ground afterwards are Gaul's work. Perrin wonders how twelve men fought twenty of the Aiel and won. Gaul laughs, and tells him that there were only two Aiel (TDR, Ch. 34).
  • The townsfolk try to decide whether Gaul chewed through the chain or broke it with his bare hands (TDR, Ch. 35).
  • When the Aiel are studying the Stone, Gaul is with Rhuarc, and he tells Rhuarc that it is time to enter the Stone (TDR, Ch. 54).

The Shadow Rising

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  • Gaul is leading the Stone Dogs guarding Rand's bedchamber in the Stone when Elayne and Egwene want to meet Rand. Gaul, believing that the girls are Aes Sedai, is very polite, and tells them that Rand's wounds may be troubling him, since he threw out a High Lord. Gaul lost a good Tairen hanging to another Aiel (TSR, Ch. 7).
  • He escorts in some Tairen High Lords wanting to see Rand (TSR, Ch. 8).
  • When he learns that Perrin is going back to Emond's Field, Gaul offers to go with him (TSR, Ch. 16).
  • It is only Gaul among the Aiel Rand spoke to who wants to go with Perrin to the Two Rivers. Perrin tells him to take Faile away if anything happens to him. Gaul agrees, because of the blood debt he owes Perrin for saving his life. In the stables, Perrin and Gaul are talking quietly with each other, before they leave the Stone. Faile, Loial and Perrin heel their horses and travel as fast as they can when Rand makes the entire city of Tear shake, but Gaul and the Maidens soon catch up with them. Gaul and the Maidens are constantly throwing jokes at each other. He is the second person to enter the Ways (TSR, Ch. 18).
  • Gaul and Perrin travel behind Faile, Loial and the Maidens through the Ways. He tells Perrin that a woman is just as difficult to understand as the sun is. When they are attacked by Trollocs, Gaul fight them with his spears (TSR, Ch. 27).
  • The two men camp less than twenty paces away from the women and Loial. When they hear the females chatting and laughing, Perrin asks Gaul whether he knows any funny stories, but the Aiel cannot remember any except the one about not understanding women. He and Perrin talk for a little while, before Perrin says that he is going to sleep a little, and that if anything happens, Gaul might have to kick him to wake him. Gaul nods, and Perrin asks why he hasn't commented on his golden eyes. Gaul explains that the world is changing, and that Gaul might be sent to Rhuidean whether he wants it or not, and that a pair of yellow eyes doesn't matter next to that. When Perrin wakes up, Gaul goes to sleep (TSR, Ch. 28).
  • When they come to Rand's old house, the Aiel check the ruins, but they don't find anything. Gaul and Perrin go to Emond's Field early in the morning. Mistress and Master al'Vere are stunned to find an Aiel in their house. Gaul asks Mistress al'Vere to allow him to defend her roof and hold, and he gives her a gold saltcellar. When Mistress al'Vere makes them wash their hands and faces, Gaul is just smiling. Gaul and the others leave the commonroom when Perrin starts crying because of the loss of his family (TSR, Ch. 29).
  • Mistress al'Vere gives the Aiel and Loial tea, and when it is decided that she is to take Perrin and the other to the old sickhouse, the Aiel leave the kitchen first, to avoid being noticed (TSR, Ch. 30). Gaul and the Maidens tense when they realise that two Warders are coming out from behind the trees (TSR, Ch. 30).
  • None of the Aiel are eager to go on to meet the Aes Sedai, and when they reach the old sickhouse, Gaul and the Maidens exchange guarded looks with each other. Gaul is Healed by Verin Sedai (TSR, Ch. 31).
  • On their way to Watch Hill to free the Emond's Fielders being held prisoner by the Whitecloaks, the Aiel are gliding ahead, only showing themselves once in a while. When Perrin and the others are going to the al'Seen place, Gaul says that he'll find a place to eat his own meal (TSR, Ch. 32).
  • The young men following Perrin and the others are scared when Gaul and the Maidens appear from nowhere. Gaul, Bain and Chiad are sneaking into the Whitecloak camp together with Faile and Perrin. Afterwards, Gaul is to accompany the freed prisoners when they are being led to somewhere they can be safe (TSR, Ch. 33).
  • Gaul is finding a lot of tracks from Trollocs when Perrin and the young men are hunting them. As Lord Luc is trying to convince the Two Rivers men to come to Emond's Field, Gaul and the Maidens come to report that they have found more Trollocs. It turns out to be an ambush, but the Aiel are unhurt except that Gaul is limping a little (TSR, Ch. 40).
  • Instead of entering the Tuatha'an camp they find on their way back to Emond's Field, Gaul stiffly says that he will sleep elsewhere. Perrin hears Bain and Chiad talking about inducing Gaul to play Maiden's Kiss (TSR, Ch. 41).
  • The next day, when Perrin comments on the Maiden's Kiss, Gaul stumbles, asking who it was that suggested the game. When he learns that it was Chiad, his face gets an odd expression. After this, the relationship between the Aiel change (TSR, Ch. 42).
  • Gaul looks ready to go off to hunt down Luc when he hears that the Lord is not in Emond's Field (TSR, Ch. 43).
  • Despite Perrins orders about no one leaving to close the Waygate, Gaul and Loial are spotted leaving for the Westwood, talking about tree-singing (TSR, Ch. 44).
  • Loial has to carry Gaul down from the mountains after they've closed the Waygate, because they were attacked by Trollocs and Gaul was hurt. Chiad and Bain are fussing over his left thigh. Loial and Gaul tell them that there must be several thousand Trollocs in the Two Rivers. Luc tries to convince Perrin that they must be wrong, but Gaul claims that there are thousands of Shadowspawn there (TSR, Ch. 53).
  • After Perrin has been in the Wolfdream, he comes down in the common room, finding Gaul fast asleep, since Mistress Congar gave him something to make him sleep, and a poultice for his leg. Chiad is guarding the Aiel man, and when Perrin suggests that she and Bain follow Faile to Taren Ferry, Chiad stares anxiously at him (TSR, Ch. 53).
  • During the battle against the Trollocs, Gaul and Chiad fight together, back-to-back, she with only a spear and he with his knife. When the Two Rivers people have won, Perrin sees the two Aiel standing hand in hand with their veils down (TSR, Ch. 56).

The Fires of Heaven

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There is no relevant reference to Gaul in this book.

Lord of Chaos

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  • The three Aiel remain in the Two Rivers until Perrin and Faile travel to Caemlyn. Gaul wants Chiad to marry him, but she doesn't want to give up the spear, something that makes him sullen (LoC, Ch. 45).
  • After having spent some time with his spear-brothers, Gaul goes to Cairhien with Perrin and the others (LoC, Ch. 49).
  • To avoid Berelain, Perrin and Gaul are often out hunting together (LoC, Ch. 50).
  • Gaul is among the many Aiel wanting to save the Dragon Reborn after he is captured by Elaida's Aes Sedai. He has been talking with a soldier named Nurelle, telling about Perrin and the battle in the Two Rivers. Perrin has tried to ask why some Aiel are wearing a strip of crimson cloth around their temples, but Gaul tries to pretend that he doesn't understand what Perrin is talking about (LoC, Ch. 54).

A Crown of Swords

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  • Due to Gaul knowing all about Aiel customs since he has grown up with it, it is difficult for him to explain them properly to a Wetlander like Perrin (ACoS, Ch. 1).
  • Rhuarc and Gaul are the only male Aiel not wearing the siswai'aman headband (ACoS, Ch. 2).
  • Chiad has told Gaul straight out that she doesn't want to marry him, something that is scandalous. Gaul does not like Bain, but he would gladly marry her as well, if only Chiad wants him to (ACoS, Ch. 3).
  • Gaul, Bain, Chiad and a lot of other Aiel follow Perrin to Ghealdan (ACoS, Ch. 27).

The Path of Daggers

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Winter's Heart

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  • Gaul and the other Maidens are among the people searching for Faile after she has been captured by the Shaido. Strangely, the Maidens are letting Gaul lead, something they normally would not have done (WH, Ch. 2).

Crossroads of Twilight

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  • They are still trying to find Faile, Bain and Chiad, and Gaul, Elyas and the Maidens are out scouting often, even though they are not able to find Faile when they finally locate the Shaido (CoT, Ch. 5; Ch. 8).

Knife of Dreams

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  • Once they have entered Malden, Gaul goes to find Chiad, Elyas goes with him (KoD, Ch. 30).

The Gathering Storm

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  • During the battle, he is reported to have killed twelve Shaido (TGS, Ch. 21).

Towers of Midnight

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A Memory of Light

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  • When Perrin decides he must go to Tel'aran'rhiod to hunt Slayer, Gaul insists on going with him (AMoL, Ch. 13)
  • Rand opens a gateway directly from the Blasted Lands and Gaul and Perrin go through.
  • The area of Tel'aran'rhiod they arrive is ravaged by storms and almost seems to be coing apart (AMoL, Ch. 14).
  • He agrees not to fight Slayer, except to escape him or if Perrin asks (AMoL, Ch. 14).
  • Gaul and Perrin follow Graendal to Thakan'dar (AMoL, Ch. 25).
  • They fight Slayer and three red veiled Aiel. Gaul kills one and Perrin captures the other two. Gaul slits their throats (AMoL, Ch. 25).
  • Perrin activates the Dreamspike around Shayl ghul (AMoL, Ch. 25).
  • Perrin sets Gaul to guard the way to Rand from the Red Veils AMoL, Ch. 30).
  • He loses his Shoufa fighting, so replaces it with part of his shirt (AMoL, Ch. 45).
  • He fights Slayer until Perrin returns (AMoL, Ch. 45).
  • Perrin returns him to the Field of Merrilor (AMoL, Ch. 47).

Visions and Prophecies

Min's Viewings

Min has a viewing of Perrin relating to Gaul: "An Aielman in a cage" (TDR, Ch. 6)


  • Gaul will not ride a horse unless it is important that he does, and even then he will not sit on it more than absolutely neccessary (TSR, Ch. 18).
  • Loial has changed since Gaul taught him to dice, and to bet on horse races (LoC, Ch. 49).
  • During the Feast of Lights, a lot of people are behaving in a way they would never do other times. Gaul is shocked every time he sees a man and a woman kissing, as that is considered something very private in the Aiel society (LoC, Ch. 54).


Gaul chuckled softly. "As well try to understand the sun, Perrin. It simply is, and it is not to be understood. You cannot live without it, but it exacts a price. So with women." (Gaul talking about women; The Shadow Rising, Chapter 27).

"A Myrddraal has less cunning than a woman," Gaul said in a flat voice, "and a Trolloc fights with more honor." After a moment he added, in a fierce undertone, "And a goat has more sense." (After he has learnt that Chiad was the one who suggested they play Maiden's Kiss; The Shadow Rising, Chapter 42).

"Sulin, are Chiad and Bain about? I saw them hunting yesterday, and thought I might show them how to draw a bow before one of them shoots herself."

"I was surprised to see you come back today," the whitehaired woman replied. "They went out to set snares for rabbits." Laughter rippled through the Maidens, and fingers flickered rapidly in handtalk.

Sighing, Gaul rolled his eyes ostentatiously. "In that case, I think I must go cut them loose." Almost as many Maidens laughed at that, including Sulin. (The Path of Daggers, Chapter 10).

"It is good to see you stop protesting about being chief. It is better to see you enjoy command" (To Perrin, Towers of Midnight, Chapter 34).

"We were simply worried for your safety, you prepared those weapons yourself, after all' (Bain, Towers of Midnight, Chapter 34).

"Two silver points. Twice we have run to battle and found no foe. Once more, and we lose honor" (Towers of Midnight, Chapter 35)