Age of Legends References: The Eye of the World

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Author: Eireann Namar'

  1. p. ix: Masterwork tapestries and paintings hang in Lews Therin's hall.
  2. p. x: The cloth Lews Therin's clothing is made from comes from across the World Sea.
  3. p. x: Lews Therin asks his visitor if he has the Voice to join in the Singing.
  4. p. xi: Elan Morin tells Lews Therin that he once wore the Ring of Tamyrlin and summoned the Nine Rods of Dominion.
Chapter 3
  1. p.33: Rand tells Mat and Perrin that it was Aes Sedai who caused the Breaking. "The Dragon may have started it, but it was Aes Sedai who actually broke the world."
  2. p.33: Perrin laughs at the idea of living in a new Age of Legends when the Dragon is reborn.
Chapter 4
  1. p.44: Thom Merrilin, the gleeman, claims that he will tell the Emond's Fielders about the end of the Age of Legends, "of the Dragon, and his attempt to free the Dark One into the world of men."
Chapter 6
  1. p.73: Tam mentions Avendesora, the Tree of Life, during his fever.
  2. p.73: Rand reminds himself that the Tree of Life (Avendesora) belongs to the Green Man, when Tam mentions it.
Chapter 8
  1. p.90-91: Rand sees Moiraine's angreal when she heals Tam.
  2. p.91: Lan tells Rand that since the Forsaken were imprisoned at the end of the Age of Legends, the Myrddraal order the Trollocs.
  3. p.92: Moiraine tells Rand how Aes Sedai during the Age of Legends were much stronger at Healing and in other Talents, too.
Chapter 10
  1. p.123: Thom says that the Draghkar were first made during the War of Power at the end of the Age of Legends.
Chapter 13
  1. p. 152: Egwene asks Moiraine if it was the male Aes Sedai who tried to free the Dark One and who broke the world to end the Age of Legends.
Chapter 24
  1. p.296: Ba'alzamon mentions the Eye of the World in Rand's dreams. "The Eye of the World will not serve you."
  2. p.300: Bayle Domon mentions a stone hand with a crystal sphere sticking fifty feet out of the ground on Tremalking.
  3. p.300: Domon mentions that part of the Panarch's Palace, in Tanchico, was built during the Age of Legends. There is a frieze in the palace showing fantastic animals.
  4. p.300: Domon mentions several items that may be from the Age of Legends:
    • a. lightsticks
    • b. razorlace
    • c. Heartstone
    • d. "a crystal lattice covering an island, and it hums whenever the moon is up"
    • e. "a mountain hollowed into a bowl, and at its center, a silver spike a hundred spans high, and any who comes within a mile of it, dies.
Chapter 25
  1. p.310: Elyas Machera tells Perrin and Egwene that the Traveling People believe that if they can find their lost song, the Age of Legends will return.
Chapter 26
  1. p.319-320: Rand, Mat, and Thom come to Whitebridge. Thom believes that the white bridge is from the Age of Legends. The bridge "arches high over the Arinelle", "gleams milky white", "appears too frail to support any weight", and "looks like it's carved all of one piece."
Chapter 36
  1. p.466: Loial mentions that Lews Therin was ta'veren.
Chapter 42
  1. p.537: Loial tells Moiraine about the man who stayed at Stedding Shangtai and claimed that the Dark One was going to blind the Eye of the World. Loial wants to know if such a thing is possible.
  2. p.538: Perrin tells what he learned from the Tinkers - how the Aiel claimed that the Dark One intended to blind the Eye of the World.
  3. p.538: Perrin, Rand and Mat tell Moiraine about their dreams - how Ba'alzamon said that the Eye of the World would never serve them.
  4. p.541: Moiraine claims that the Pattern is forcing their path to the Eye of the World.
  5. p.541: Moiraine mentions the Green Man, the keeper of the Eye of the World.
  6. p.541: Moiraine wants Loial to take them to Fal Dara via the Ways. Loial claims that they can't, because they will die or be taken by the Shadow.
Chapter 43
  1. p.543-544: Loial explains what the Ways are - how they were made by male Aes Sedai seeking sanctuary during the Breaking and how the male Aes Sedai gave the Ogier Elders the Talisman for Growing the Ways.
  2. p.550: In his dream, Rand tells Ba'alzamon that men first found the Dark One during the Age of Legends.
Chapter 44
  1. p.559-560: Rand and his companions enter the Ways.
Chapter 46
  1. p.581: Loial mentions that he looks forward to meeting the Green Man.
  2. p.587: Moiraine tells Agelmar that they seek the Eye of the World.
Chapter 47
  1. p.597: Agelmar tells the Emond's Fielders that Lan's sword, the sword of the Malkieri kings, was made by Aes Sedai during the War of Power.
Chapter 48
  1. p.610: The group talks about how the Eye of the World is never exactly in the same place, but always beyond the high passes of the Mountains of Dhoom.
Chapter 49
  1. p.621: Rand and his companions meet the Green Man.
Chapter 50
  1. p.625: Mat asks if they can see Avendesora, but the Green Man explains that the Tree of Life has not been at the Eye for centuries.
  2. p.625: The Green Man tells how the Eye was made, by female and male Aes Sedai working together.
  3. p.626: Rand and his companions enter the chamber of the Eye of the World. The Eye is an oval-shaped pool in a chamber. It has a smooth surface and Rand can't see to the bottom of the pool. Moiraine explains that the Eye is the pure essence of saidin.
Chapter 52
  1. p.643: Moiraine mentions that during the Age of Legends, Aginor was nearly as strong in the One Power as Lews Therin and Ishamael.
  2. p.645: Moiraine says that, even in the Age of Legends, very few could have channeled the amount of saidin in the Eye unaided.
  3. p.647-648: Several items are found in the Eye's pool, now empty of liquid.
    • a. Shattered cuendillar remains. The design, when put back together, is the ancient symbol of the Aes Sedai. Moiraine says that it was one of seven seals on the Dark One's prison.
    • b. The Horn of Valere, which is meant to call the heroes of the Ages back to fight the Dark One in the Last Battle.
    • c. The Dragon Banner, which was Lews Therin's banner during the War of Power. It is a white cloth with a serpent-like figure on it in scarlet and gold.
Chapter 53
  1. p.653: When Rand and his companions return to Fal Dara, one of the celebrating soldiers claims that the Age of Legends has come back, due to the inexplicable victory at Tarwin's Gap.
  2. p.654: Moiraine tells Lord Agelmar that the Green Man is dead and the Eye is gone.
  3. p.655: Moiraine shows Lord Agelmar the Horn of Valere, found at the Eye.