Elyas Machera

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eel-yahs mah-CHEER-ah


Elyas Machera was a Warder, bonded to Rina Hafden of the Green Ajah during the time of the Aiel War (NS, Ch. 7). After receiving harsh treatment at the hands of the Red Ajah, when he learned he could talk to wolves and they wanted to see if it was connected to the Power, he was forced to kill other gaidin in order to get away from them (TEotW, Ch. 23). He led a solitary life from that point, with just wolves and the occasional Traveling People for company, a fact which was reflected in his dress and appearance, clothes made entirely of furs with a beard halfway across his chest (TEotW, Ch. 23). He has yellow eyes, almost like gold (TEotW, Ch. 23), with hair down to his waist and a full greying beard (WH, Ch. 1).

Strengths and Talents

He is a wolfbrother.

He is an excellent tracker (WH, Ch. 6).


As a Warder, he was highly regarded by Lan, who claimed to have been taught much by him (TEotW, Ch. 38).

He is bonded to Rina Hafden (NS, Ch. 7).

He is well thought of by the Aiel (TPoD, Ch. 10).

He knows the band of Tuatha'an led by Raen and is on friendly terms with them, but neither is quite comfortable in the other's presence (TEotW, Ch. 25, Ch. 27).

He is not intimidated by the Asha'man (CoT, Ch. 8).



"The Red Ajah, those that like hunting for men who mess with the One Power, they wanted to gentle me, once. I told them to their faces they were Black Ajah; served the Dark One, I said, and they didn't like that at all. They couldn't catch me, though, once I got into the forest, but they did try. Yes, they did. Come to that, I doubt any Aes Sedai would take kindly to me, after that. I had to kill a couple of Warders. Bad business, that, killing Warders. Don't like it." (Elyas; TEotW, Ch. 23)

"Wouldn't have worked on me, gentling, but it made me mad, them wanting to try. This is an old thing, boy. Older than Aes Sedai. Older than anybody using the One Power. Old as humankind. Old as wolves." (Elyas; TEotW, Ch. 23)

"You did the boy no favor. You helped him let go of what he believed, and now all he has to believe in is you and that sword. It’s not enough, not for any man." (Elyas, to Perrin, about Aram; Winter's Heart, Chapter 1)