Anniversary Party 2007

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Anniversary Party 2007
Location Denver, Colorado, USA
Date March 16-19, 2007
Local Liaison Valadilene Aldieb

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TarValon.Net held its 6th Anniversary Party in Denver, Colorado, USA, March 16-19, 2007.


By: Karalyne al'Meida in the Tar Valon Times

6th Anniversary in Denver, Colorado was a roaring success. The mountains were beautiful and the weather was so warm that the sword fighters went shirtless (though it would have to be below freezing for Mother to consider returning their clothes).

This event marked the start of the hopefully annual Amyrlin's Tournament with competitions in fencing, archery and wrestling. Josef took home the gold in both fencing and wrestling, earning him the honor of top overall competitor. Typically, it took a woman to find the right spot on the archery board, the winner being Cassie of the Brown Ajah. Other awards went to Ban for Most Entertaining and Guiyall for Best Death (Cassie once again finding the right…spot).

Far away from the medals and...actual talent, it was the wrestling match between Mathei and Defen that captivated the crowds. The two fighters entered the ring with determination glittering in their eyes. The round began! Biceps rippled (not theirs obviously) and both competitors threw scissors. The crowd was silent; tension palpable in the air.

There could be only one champion. As Round 2 began, Defen again threw scissors. Most likely no one had explained to him there were other options. Through brilliant foresight and cunning, Mathei evaded this simple move and counted with none other than rock. The crowd rejoiced and Mathei was victorious.

Then the real athletes resumed the games.

Another first was the Bond Competition. Teams were winnowed out in a Honeymooners style trivia game and an apple-on-a-string eating contest. None of the couples that made it to the final (a 3 legged race) were actually bonded. Faeril and Guiyall took first, followed closely by Vivianna and Mathei (though he carried his team…literally) and Karalyne and Relinya (who gave everyone a show best viewed from above).

Opening ceremonies took place on Saturday night because everyone was playing with Tinnlina, Burqa Adri and the rest of the slaves on Friday. Raisings included Miridyth to Accepted, Karalyne to Red Aes Sedai, Doquel to MDD Youngling and Taric to MDD Youngling. Tinnlin and Neol as well as Guiyall and Deoan became first brothers. Bonded in their fight against the shadow were Penryn and Defen (using the titanium spork), Yelenia and Deoan, and Eleyan and Josef.

The 2006 Member's Choice Awards were given during opening ceremonies, many of the recipients being present to collect. They were awarded as follows: Friendliest: Miridyth, Most Helpful: Saminda, Most Inspirational: Arisaema, Most Entertaining: Karalyne, Most Artistic: Sindra, Best Bonded Couple: Katarianna and Jalen, Walking WoT Encyclopedia: Eniara, Best Mentor: Lireina, Best Avatar: Sienna, Best Guild Leader: Josef, Best Moderator: Leora, Best Executive: Dralyn, Best General Admin: Zhareen and Best Community Admin: Kyla.

The members of the year for 2006 were Zhareen and Dralyn. The philanthropist of the year was Tinnlin.

Beyond the ceremonies and events, the horses and Ajah toasts, the best part of the weekend was hanging out with old and new friends from around the world…and drinking so much you don't remember them being there.

Let's talk about 2 words that are very near and dear to all of our hearts: Sex Closet. Surely I was not the only one to see Relinya, Mirandha, and Sunri slinking out of there early Sunday morning. Apparently Reds hate men but like boys.

The Sex Closet played host for many groups and stories over the weekend, and if Sela had chosen a reporter who drinks less for this review, you, my dear readers, might have heard some of them. As it is…people were there…so was alcohol…and that's all I've got.

As always, several tower members showed off their artistic talents. There was the crafting circle, Magdalena's handmade necklaces and, perhaps most impressively, Muirenn and Azrael's masterpiece entitled, “Impaled Snowman Slowly Bleeding to Death.” There was nary a dry eye to be found.

It has been long suspected that we as a Tower are a group of geniuses. A quote book was available throughout the weekend for people to write their profound thoughts. Years from now, people will look back and marvel at our wisdom, while sadly shaking their heads.

“She doesn't have to swallow, just chew aggressively.” Allin

“I suck worse than a whore.” Relinya

“Incest…the family game.” Brienen

“It turned out to be the best ride of your life.” Doquel to Yelenia about their first…encounter

“I feel bad for countries that don't have Ranch dressing.” Yelenia

“I'll snip your tip.” Relinya

"Kiss my ring." Darim Sedai of the Blue Ajah

“I'm so glad that was all in my mouth and not in my throat!” Guiyall

“I'll break your ‘bone' my boy.” Deoan to Wil

“Nothing says love like marrying your cousin.” Atreyu

“Kinky is using the feather. Perverted is using the whole chicken.” Brienen

Karalyne, trying to get people to guess the word deck: “There are 52 of these in a…” Kitty: “STATES!!”

“DO ME!!” Our intrepid leader, Eleyan al'Landerin

And yet, the Tower remains unbroken.




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83 people attended Anniversary Party 2007.


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