Applicant Tracking

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Many organizations track applicants, specifically their race, gender, veteran status, and age for reporting purposes. There are federal regulations about reporting these breakdowns, as well as what is considered an applicant. Between being a nonprofit as well as having no paid employees, TarValon.Net is currently exempt from this required reporting.

In 2003 TarValon.Net began to have enough members that did not know each other as well or in person that the concept of "inner circle" began. With the concept and accusations of "inner circle" there were also assumptions made and grumbling related to who was chosen for various positions. As the community continued to grow additional accusations regarding hiring choices included that women, Americans and Blues and Greens were supposedly always the ones chosen. The administration could see that the best person was chosen based upon their skills, abilities, experiences, education, etc.

Fall of 2011 Officers and the Department of Administration decided that an additional guideline might prove effective in soothing the accusations as well as hoping to encourage a wider range of applicants. This was done by reviewing and analyzing the history of applicants and providing said report to the public. The report showed a period of five years to help maintain anonymity of applicants, as one feels poorly enough by not obtaining a position but to have others also know it adds to the negative emotions we do not wish to penalize members for or prevent members from applying for positions in the future.