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A similar entry appears in the Wheel of Time Companion. Other information about the character is also included in the Companion, but we did not use it in the TarValon.Net Library.

RAH-dam ah-soo-NAH-wah


Rhadam Asunawa is the High Inquisitor of the Hand of the Light, also known as the Questioners. Like many Whitecloaks he is a fanatic and considers all who would use the One Power to be a Darkfriend (LoC, Ch. 9), so much that he considers Niall a threat to the Children when he does not execute Morgase. Asunawa even makes plans in his mind for how her trial and execution will go (LoC, Ch. 31). Neither Niall nor Valda will give hem free reign with Morgase, however, and he is forced to limit himself to torturing her (ACoS, Ch. 28). Morgase herself considers that Asunawa makes her blood freeze (LoC, Ch. 31).

He is tall and greying, with thick eyebrows, a gaunt face and deep set eyes that seem to burn with a fevored intensity (LoC, Ch. 31; TGH, Prologue). After Niall is slain, Asunawa tries to force Valda into handing Morgase over and initially intends to place Canvele as Lord Captain Commander, but Valda has too many men supporting him and does not give in to the threats.

Asunawa was out of Amador when the Seanchan attacked, having rode north to face the Prophet and so was not amongst the Whitecloaks who fought them (ACoS, Ch. 28). Though he hates channeling, he agrees to an alliance with the Seanchan if it will bring down the White Tower (CoT, Prologue). When Galad accuses Valda of murdering Morgase, Asunawa instructs his men to arrest Galad and put him to the question, but is ignored by the other Children and them overruled by Valda (KoD, Prologue). After Valda is killed, Asunawa takes the Questioners and leaves (KoD, Ch. 11), joining up with the Seanchan who remain unsure of whether to trust him or arrest him and make him da'covale (KoD, Prologue). He joins his army to the Amidacians who were not taken by the Seanchan and catches up with and arrests Galad (ToM, Prologue). The Lord Captains turn against Asunawa and he is executed (ToM, Ch. 2).


Though the children in general dislike the Questioners, they hold Asunawa in high regard (CoT, Prologue).


"Asunawa just wanted every woman who had ever spent a night in the Tower hanged as of yesterday, every book that mentioned Aes Sedai or the One Power burned, and the words themselves banned. Asunawa never had a thought beyond those goals, nor a care for costs" (Pedron Niall, Lord of Chaos, Chapter 9).

"The man might never be able to hang an Amyrlin, but he probably dreamed of being the first to hang a queen." (Valda, Lord of Chaos, Chapter 31).

"Would you be Lord Captain Commander now, my son? You may well be, after I attest that you killed Pedron Niall's assassin. But not if I must say that you ripped open Niall's throat as well." (To Valda, A Crown of Swords, Prologue).