Lord of Chaos: Chapter 9

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Author: Atarah al'Norahn

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Points of View: Niall, Morgase


Niall's Point of View:

Setting: Amador

Characters: Pedron Niall, Omerna, Balwer

The chapter opens with Omerna relaying information to Pedron Niall. Omerna speaks of Illuminators wishing to relocate in Amadicia, Dragonsworn in Altara and Murandy, and how Mattin Stepaneos is ready to join Niall. Omerna rambles on about some other things, including Rand al'Thor and Aes Sedai, before Niall dismisses him, asking him to send Balwer, his secretary, in on his way out.

Balwer and Niall speak for some time about other rumors that are being spread about, and it seems that Omerna is wrong about almost everything. Pedron Niall then opens a message that Omerna had handed him before leaving. In the message, one of Niall's agents writes about "men riding strange beasts and flying creatures, Aes Sedai on leashes and the Hailene."

Niall and Balwer continue to speak. Logain and the Red Ajah comes up, as well as the split within the Tower, and the Salidar Aes Sedai. Last, they speak of Morgase, and how every day she stays in Amador, she ties herself more tightly to Niall.

Morgase's Point of View:

Setting: Amador

Characters: Morgase, Norowhin, Basel Gill, Paitr Conel

Morgase is out hawking. Basel Gill and Paitr Conel are with her, as are her ladies in waiting, in truth women from Ailron's court, and many Whitecloaks to act as her guards.

Some of the ladies are speaking of Galad, and how he has become a Whitecloak. Morgase, who just found out the day before, is still shocked.

Talk turns to Rand al'Thor, and how he displays the Lion Throne as a trophy. Finally, Morgase has had enough, and announces that she intends to return to the city. As they ride back towards the Fortress of the Light, Morgase tries to engage Norowhin, the leader of her "escort", in conversation. They speak shortly of the Dragon Reborn and the people who are both joining and fleeing him. Morgase passes a young man and woman huddling together, covered in dirt and dust and with hunger on their faces. She wonders if Rand al'Thor has done this to Andor. "If he has, he will pay," she promises herself.

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