Battle of Darulna

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The battle of Darulna was a battle in Rodel Ituralde's campaign against the Seanchan. At the time of the fight it was too small to offer any serious resistance as it had it's 'garrisons pressed into service elsewhere' (TGS, Prologue). He used the Seanchan reliance on raken scouts that would not get the close view that ground based scouts had to trick Turan by dressing women, children and farmers as soldiers to make him believe that there was a large army chasing Turan's and that Darulna was undefended by hiding the troops inside the buildings and rotating them into the fields disguised as farmers (TGS, Ch. 6).

The battle went well, with most of the over hundred thousand strong Seanchan army defeated, including their damane, but Rodel lost around half his army, and the walls of the city suffered damage, though the Seanchan did not make it inside (TGS, Ch. 6).