The Gathering Storm: Prologue

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What the Storm Means

Chapter Icon: Wheel and Serpent

Points of View: Renald Fanwar, Falendre, Tylee Khirgan, Graendal, Rodel Ituralde, Masema


People are going north to join the Last Battle. The Forsaken are making their plans. Rand still wants an audience with the Daughter of the Nine Moons. Masema is killed by Faile.


Renald Fanwar's Point of View:

Characters: Renald Fanwar, Auaine Fanwar, Merk, Favidan, Rinnin, Veshir, Adamad, Geleni, Thulin, Mirala, Gallanha

Setting: Shienar

Fanwar is looking at a storm to the north when he sees Thulin, the smith, and his family coming. Thulin tells him there will be an army gathering and they are going north to join it. He tells his wife, Auaine and she says she thinks they should follow. He gathers his farm hands and tells them they are all going north to the Storm.

Falendre's Point of View:

Characters: Falendre, Nenci, Rand, Nynaeve, Surya, Tabi, Malian, Ciar, Logain, Merise

Setting: Northern Altara

Falendre talks to Rand while waiting to return to the Seanchan. He instructs her to tell the Daughter of the Nine Moons that he still desires an audience, that he does not blame her and that Anath was in reality Semirhage.

Tylee Khirgan's Point of View:

Characters: Tylee, Mishima, Karm

Setting: Outside Ebou Dar

Tylee thinks on Perrin and the battle against the Shaido, and how the world cannot afford fighting now, with the Last Battle coming. An arrow takes Mishima through the neck. She is tossed to the ground and they are attacked by hundreds of Trollocs.

Graendal's Point of View:

Characters: Graendal, Moridin, Demandred, Mesaana

Setting: Arad Doman and Shayol Ghul

In Arad Doman, Graendal is summoned to Moridin. She Travels to him through a gateway and there sees Mesaana and Demandred. She feels she knows where all the Forsaken except Demandred are and is frustrated that she hasn’t been able to find out. Mesaana tells Moridin that they should rescue Semirhage, but he says she deserves her imprisonment for attacking Rand. He asks them how their plans progress. Mesaana says she will deliver a broken Tower to the Shadow. Demandred says that he gathers for war. Mesaana and Demandred leave and Moridin tells Graendal that Rand must not be allowed to make peace and must be left alive to face him on the last day.

Rodel Ituralde's Point of View:

Characters: Rodel, Lidrin

Setting: Arad Doman

Rodel looks at the city of Darulna, as a Seanchan army of around 150,000, with perhaps 100 damane marches on it into a trap he has prepared. He waits until they are at the gates, then orders the doors thrown open so the soldiers inside can attack.

Masema's Point of View:

Characters: Masema, Faile

Setting: Altara

Masema thinks on how he wanted to kill Perrin and how the Dragon himself had commanded him to do so. He thinks they failed because they were secretly Darkfriends. He decides to go north and turn Dragonsworn to his cause. He hears a voice next to him and turns to see Faile, but before his men can take her, arrows slam into him and them. She steps up to him and thrusts a dagger through his heart.

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