Blaes of Matuchin

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Author: Kyria d'Oreyn


Blaes of Matuchin was a legendary Hunter of the Horn and has achieved the status of a heroine in many stories. She is described as being golden-haired, lithe, and beautiful (TEotW, Ch. 17). She was also bound to the Horn and called back for the Last Battle (AMoL, Ch. 39)

Thom tells stories of the Hunt for the Horn, including one of hers (TEotW, Ch. 17).

Thom complains about Seaghan hiring actors for the roles of Blaes and some other heroes (TGH, Ch. 26).

Her stories are linked with those of Rogosh Eagle-eye and Gaidal Cain. It may be that she is somehow linked to the Horn like them and appeared when Mat blew the Horn to the fight the Seanchan (TEotW, Ch. 17; TGH, Ch. 47).


"...since the day of her birth has the Dark One marked Blaes as his own, but not of this mind is she -- no Darkfriend, Blaes of Matuchin! Strong as the ash she stands, lithe as the willow branch, beautiful as the rose. Golden-haired Blaes. Ready to die before she yields. But hark! Echoing from the towers of the city, trumpets blare, brazen and bold. Her heralds proclaim the arrival of a hero at her court. Drums thunder and cymbals sing! Rogosh Eagle-eye comes to do homage..." (Thom telling one of her stories; The Eye of the World, Chapter 17)