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Description by Nadine Aes Sedai, former Head of the Brown Ajah

The Browns at TarValon.Net are a wonderfully unique group of people. There are many personalities all mixed together, but there is one common bond that holds everyone together. Knowledge. The Browns adore knowledge, whether it is in books, articles in the library, or other internet resources; the Browns have an unquenchable thirst for gaining more knowledge. Many of the members are still in school, or like to take additional courses on the side, or will quickly snap up a new book to learn new things. We pride ourselves on our knowledge and have started writing up little essays on things we have the most interest in. You can find the Brown Studies linked on our homepage. The Browns are a friendly and laid back bunch and you can always count on them to say something witty and funny.

For further information on the Brown Ajah at TarValon.Net, its members, traditions and history, see the Brown Ajah Headquarters