Brown Bulletin March 2008

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Brown Ajah Bulletin – March edition

(Editor: Taika Vinh)

Talking Head – Words from Serenla

Time for congratulations!

The newest Brown Sedai Shara Nevan was raised during Anni 08! Congratulations and Welcome to the Shawl Sister!

Also big congrats to accepted Cariyad Teridal who has decided to aspire Brown! Welcome home, Cariyad!

Brown Birthdays

Happy Belated Birthday to our March babies!

March 15th - Sirena Taliba

March 17th - Stasia t'Andrei

March 26th - Miriya ay'Anne

Latin Quote of the Month by Cicero Dustbunny

So, I decided to ask the most honourable Cicero Dustbunny to introduce himself to Tarvaloners. His very first words of wisdom to us are:

“Legere Englarum possum sed manus scribendo non sordidarem.”

Which, of course means “Leisurely English possesses so many non-sordid scribbles.” according to our major BS Latin translator, accepted Cariyad.

(For those of you who - like me - aren’t able to read Latin, it actually means “I am able to read English, but I wouldn't soil my hands by writing in it.”)

Tiki Drink of the Month

Bahama Mama

1 ½ oz Coconut rum

½ oz Triple sec.

Splash of Cream of Coconut

Orange & Pineapple juice

Dash of Grenadine

Shake over ice, serve in a Hurricane glass, garnish with an orange slice and cherry.


Brown Poll - Favourite coffees

The Bulletin editor’s brain was tired, and she needed caffeine, thus the dull-ish poll of the month. It was about the favourite coffees of the Browns and guests.

  • Ordinary coffee with or without milk and/or sugar 4% [1]
  • Latte/cafe au lait 22% [5]
  • Cappuccino 13% [3]
  • Espresso 0% [0]
  • Ice coffee 4% [1]
  • Anything as long as I get my dose of caffeine 9% [2]
  • I don't drink coffee 45% [10]

Lots of tea-drinkers among the Browns!

Brown-outs of the month


“I had one for this...but I can't remember what it was”


“I was on the phone with a co-worker and I couldn't think of the word contract so for I kept going um you know the um "con...con...con...con...the offer thing on paper the um con...con...con...oh right contract."”


“I was coaching my debating team at lunch today. I was pretending to be the other team, arguing against my team's case.

Only I forgot what I was on about halfway through and started arguing for my team's case.

This is why we take rebuttal notes.”


“I was telling my mom about something funny that happened when I was 12 years old and said "When I was noon.." Took me a while to find out why she was laughing at me.”


“Today Dralyn's husband (Jason) came to pick me up from an appointment, and for ten to fifteen minutes I looked from inside at the back of his car, not realizing it was his. A phone call sorted it out in the end, and I realized it was him.”


“I went swimming the other day and was talking to my sister on my mobile. I was packing everything into my locker and started looking for my phone to make sure that I had switched it off.

It wasn't until I said to Olga, 'Hold on a minute, I've lost my phone,' and she burst out laughing, did I realise that no, I had not lost the phone, I was using it at that very moment.”


“I went to call in my refills and I picked up my pill bottle dialed the number on the phone then put the bottle to my ear.”


“I have been in the same office for almost two years, and I'm the only one in this office. Some of the things here I have brought in (stapler, plants), other things were left by the previous tenant (file cabinet, calculator). There is a cord that runs underneath my desk, and recently it started hanging down and it bugged me because I kept kicking it, so I went to tack it back up underneath the desk. Then I started thinking "what does this cord go to?" so I followed it along and discovered that it was an extension cord. "To what??" I thought, "everything electrical is on the other side of the desk...." I thought maybe it was to the phone?but then I realized that there was something else there on my desk, hiding a little behind the phone... an electric pencil sharpener that I was completely unaware was there! Now, my desk isn't that messy, and I have even cleaned off that part of the desk since taking on this office... so I guess at some point in time I knew that the sharpener was there, but that in the past year I have completely forgotten about it!”


“And I always seen to be looking for things I have in my hand. Just today I was looking for something and the first place I thought to look was in my hand. That is getting bad when I remember that I'm that forgetful.”


“I was on my way to work yesterday, and I was carrying my purse, lunch bag, work out bag, and a bottle of water to my car... I am carrying all the bags on my left arm, and I switch the bottle from my right hand to my left hand so I can get my keys out of my pocket. I feel my coat pocket....nothing there.... I slap at the left coat pocket (which is difficult with your right hand when your left arm is full of stuff)....nothing..... I feel up under my coat to see if they are connected to my jeans belt loop (I do that in the summer usually)....nope no keys..... So I figure they must be in my purse. GREAT! Now I have to try and dig through my purse while holding everything else! I shift my arm to get at my purse, and what is next to the bottle in my left hand?

You guessed it! My bloody keys! In my left hand the whole time!

Definitely a Brown out moment!”

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