Brown Bulletin May 2008

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Brown Ajah Bulletin – May edition

(Editor: Taika Vinh)

Talking Head – Words from Serenla

Time for congratulations!

We’re really happy to welcome home our newest Brown Aes Sedai, Sindra Bell! Congratulations, Sindra, we love you!

Also, our lovely Keara has wonderful news: she’s getting married soonish! Many congratulations!

Brown Birthdays

Happy Belated Birthday to our May baby!

May 1st – Kytera al'Sauvin

Tiki Drink of the Month

Banana Boomer

½ oz. each: Vodka & Crème de Banana

Hand swirl over ice. Strain into a shot glass.


Brown Poll - Favourite flavour of Gummi bears

This was Darim’s idea… :look

  • Pineapple 5% [ 1 ]
  • Cherry 16% [ 3 ]
  • Green Apple 5% [ 1 ]
  • Orange 11% [ 2 ]
  • Lemon 0% [ 0 ]
  • Pink (what?) 0% [ 0 ]
  • Sour ones 11% [ 2 ]
  • They have flavours? 38% [ 7 ]
  • I don't like gummi bears 11% [ 2 ]

Brown-outs of the month


“Was fixing dinner.. part of this is fixing coffee. I was trying to do 2 or 3 things at once and was in a hurry. I got the filter out, dumped the old grounds, put in a new filter, put in new coffee, poured water in the reservoir, plugged it in and turned it on. I forgot to put the filter cup with the new coffee back in place.”


“I was in #wheel and a bunch of folks were talking about what they were making for dinner. Caerwyn said he was making beef stroganoff. I attempted to reply with:

"Maddie wouldn't mind tasting Caerwyn's stroganoff"

However, my fingers slipped and I hit the Enter key instead of the ' key... resulting in:

"Maddie wouldn't mind tasting Caerwyn"

That got Wil and a few others laughing and teasing me for a bit. A little later, Caerwyn leaves. Someone then mentions sausages and I type:

"I love eating sweet Italian sausages".

Wil just about dies laughing... because Caerwyn is Italian. Which I didn't know.”


“So, to clarify, I'm a broke-ass college student. Yesterday I had taken my last twenty dollars out of my bank account. I went to our local co-op to buy a jar of Vegenaise for my mom, because she can't find it at home, and then took the last 15.00 to the gas station to put it in my tank so I could come home this weekend for Mother's day. I started pumping gas, watched the price go up to five, ten...and the BLAM! Brownout.

When I snapped back to reality and let go of the handle it was at $19.61.

I started scrounging for change and came up with another $2.53. So here I am, standing next to my car with 17.53 to my name, going oh-shit-oh-shit-oh-shit.

Eventually I went into the counter and explained my plight to the (incredibly understanding, bless her heart) attendant there. As I was trying to figure out a way to come up with the extra 1.98 and apologizing profusely, an angel behind me in line handed me two dollars to cover the rest.”


“I called Adolla "Cassie" in the D*Con registration thread.”


“OMG! Last night I was eating dinner and Kris had put too much salt on...well everything. (we had steaks and onions on the grill, corn on the cob, and dinner rolls but that is irrelevant) There was so much salt that for someone like me who never puts salt on anything it burned my tongue and caused it to bleed. So I decided I would just eat my corn and bread since they weren't salty and forgo the meat and onions. After a little bit we were just sitting at the table chatting about the day and what do I do? Take one of the olives out of my Bloody Mary and stick the stupid thing in my mouth! BRILLIANT! Put the one item of food that is soaked in salt brine in your mouth!”


“Here is my biggest Brown out ever. So I had made plans with Viv for her to pick me up on her drive down to Austin for Ari and Az's bonding. I thought that it was going to be over memorial weekend. So May 17, Sat. morning about 11:30 or so I pull back into my apartment from my trip to the grocery store and gather my bags and as I head to the stair case, low and behold Viv is walking towards me. I blink and say "Viv what are you doing here?" She says, "We are going to Austin this weekend, remember?" I say, "No that's Memorial weekend not this weekend." She blinks at me then calls Az and Murienn, neither pick up the phone. Then she calls Yele and she picks up and confirms that she is all ready on the road for Austin. We are now in my apartment and I put up the groceries. I say, "Well I guess I’m going to Austin today." As a side note, Viv had called me twice, but I had forgotten to change the volume from silent to loud.”


“So, Sunday I planned a nice dinner for me and Drake. I decided to make the iced tea and the chocolate pie early. I put the water in the pan for the tea, tossed in the tea bags, and proceeded to make the pie. I get done with the pie and I think, "why isn't the tea boiling?" Stared at it for about ten seconds before I realized I hadn't turned the burner on.”


“So, I was fixing myself up a frozen pizza. And I got the pizza tray all lined up with aluminum foil just right, and the oven started and everything. Then, I went to go do some laundry, and chat with roommates and other stuff...

Twenty minutes passed, and I knew my pizza would probably be just about ready. I go to check on it, and...

I put the empty tray into the oven! And left the (still) frozen pizza on top of the stove! So, I hadn't even started cooking.”


“I'd been standing a good fifteen minutes looking at a pot, and cursing it for not heating up properly, when I suddenly realised I hadn't turned the stove on...”

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