Kytera al'Sauvin

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Kytera al'Sauvin
Real Name
Location United Kingdom
TarValon.Net Information
Affiliation Brown Ajah
Rank Aes Sedai
Join Date May 23, 2005
Bonded to
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Tower Sworn Interview

January 29th 2008

What is your Tower name?

Kytera al'Sauvin

Why did you choose Brown?

I felt that I was more suited to Brown due to my love of books and my thirst for knowledge and answers.

Are you like the Browns in the Books?

Somewhat. I am never without a book, no matter where I go, so carrying a small evening bag is never an option! I always record findings of things and have found myself writing notes in the strangest of places (don't ask) because I get all these weird and wonderful ideas. I always have a notebook with me, even when I am in bed there is one on my nightstand.

Do you love books and do you daydream a lot?

Yes to both answers, although the daydreaming has over the years.

How was your time as Citizen/Novice/Accepted?

All was great. I don't recall ever having any problems and was only sent to my HoA once for walking through the tower naked and using an invisibility weave.

How long have you been a member of

Since May 2005.

What things do you do for

At the moment, I cannot really spare much time to 'do' things for, although I would like to.

How did you get to read the Series?

All in one go. I came to the series late and by that time, ten books had been published. It was my search for the eleventh book that brought me to

To whom are you bonded, if you're bonded?

No bonds or intention to bond.

Who is your mentee, if you have one?

No mentee at the moment.

Who is your favorite character of the Series? Favorite Nation?

Being Brown, I would have to say Verin. She is cunning and clever. However, Nynaeve comes a close second. Favourite nation....hmmm, I can't say I particularly have one.

Have you ever attended any Real Life Functions? Did you like them if you did, and why? (Why do you think people should come to any future functions?)

No. I do intend to attend one on the next few years, though.

What kind of music do you like?

I have a varied taste in music. Mike Oldfield; Runrig; Jean Michel Jarre; Musicals; film soundtracks; Celine Dion; Faith Hill and lots of others. I hate rave music though.

What are your favorite movies?

The Last Unicorn; most Disney films; Fire in the Sky - The Travis Walton Story; Close Encounters of the Third Kind; Moulin Rouge and a whole host of other things.

What is the craziest/stupidest thing you've ever done?

Can't think of anything.

What job do you have?

Administration within Civil Engineering Consultancy

Do you have a pet?


What languages do you speak?

English and some French and a tiny amount of Serbo-Croat (my grandfather is Serbian)

What profession did you want to have when you were a kid?

Police officer or Librarian.

Seanchan or Shara?


Verin or Adeleas?


Board games or computer games?


Coke or Pepsi?


A short bio about yourself.

I'm 26 and I research UFOs, alien abduction and paranormal phenomena in my spare time. I love amateur dramatics and I am playing the evil fairy for the second year running in the Helensburgh Theatre arts pantomime. I love to sing and dance. Anything that involves performing! I am learning to play the piano properly, which is no mean feat! Ha Ha. I have been with my partner, George for four years now and could not be happier. I am also studying for a HNC Administration and IT. I like to write and have been working on several 'books' for a few years now.

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