Cabriana Mecandes

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Author: Estyrien al'Halien


Cabriana Mecandes was an Aes Sedai of the Blue Ajah (NS, Ch. 12).

Cabriana was tortured by Semirhage on orders from the Dark One to get her to reveal information about the Salidar Aes Sedai. This information was then passed on to Aran'gar, who used it to infiltrate the Salidar camp. Aran'gar claimed that she was a friend of Cabriana's and that Cabriana had told her of the White Tower's plans for the Salidar Aes Sedai. She also claimed that Cabriana had died after falling off her horse (LoC, Ch. 6, Ch. 30).

Cabriana had waist-length blonde hair and blue eyes (NS, Ch. 12). She had pale skin (LoC, Ch. 6).


  • 978 NE: Cabriana welcomes Siuan and Moiraine to the Blue Ajah (NS, Ch. 12).
  • 978 NE: Cabriana escorts Siuan and Moiraine to their new rooms in the Blue quarters (NS, Ch. 12).
  • 999 NE: Cabriana is tortured and killed by Semirhage (LoC, Ch. 6).


  • Cabriana was rather weak in the One Power and so had to defer to many sisters (NS, Ch. 12).
  • Cabriana had a Warder, but Semirhage killed him when she tortured him (LoC, Ch. 6, Ch. 30).
  • Halima claims that Cabriana suffered the same sort of headaches that Egwene now suffers from (ACoS, Ch. 12).
  • Cabriana, Anaiya, and Kairen were very close friends, so much so that the Blue Ajah called them "the Three". Cabriana talked only to Anaiya and Kairen about her personal affairs. Aran'gar killed Kairen and Anaiya to prevent them from realising that she was not a friend of Cabriana's (KoD, Ch. 23).


A pale-eyed sister, light golden hair hanging almost to her waist, spread her blue-slashed skirts in a slight curtsey. Not all sisters taught classes by far, and Moiraine did not recognise her. There was a fierce directness in her gaze suitable for a Green, yet her tone was quite meek as she said, "As you say Eadyth." (Moiraine about Cabriana; New Spring, Chapter 12)

That explained Elaida's deference to Meilyn, and Rafela yielding to Leane. And Cabriana; Cabriana was not very strong at all. (Moiraine about the Aes Sedai hierarchy and Cabriana; New Spring, Chapter 12)

"I spit in the milk of your mother, Darkfriend! Do you hear me?" (Cabriana to Semirhage; Lord of Chaos, Chapter 6)

"My story is that I was travelling companion for a time to one Cabriana Mecandes, a Blue sister. Unfortunately, Cabriana died in fall from her horse, and her Warder simply refused to leave his blankets or eat after that. He died, too... Cabriana and I talked a great deal before she died, and she told me about Salidar. She also told me a number of things she had learned about the White Tower's plans for you here. And for the Dragon Reborn." (Halima to Delana about Cabriana's supposed last days; Lord of Chaos, Chapter 30).