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Barack Obama 44th President of the United States of America

Mahdi'in d'ma Dieb is a rogue band of mercenaries and heroes, sworn to defeat the oppression of mediocrity, complacency and malnutrition. Join us in our hellish crusade across the forums and you will be richly rewarded with everlasting life.

In the dreary months of 2004, it came to the administrators of that something was missing from their community, something integral. Throwing their primitive bones and casting shadows on screens with broken branches to attempt to decipher what could fill that god-shaped hole in their souls, they were interrupted all of a sudden! A holy and demonic light burst forth from the sky, destroying the Tower Library and several of the Dai M'hael's company scooters. Riding down on silver flaming horses crafted from platinum and sapphire, were seven heroes, nay, demigods with the power to right the wrongs and wrong the rights of, choosing to settle here within this community, to help save the people from themselves. They were:

Sataere the Cruel

Bale the Unforgiving

Sunri the Sly

Darim the Magnificent

Gwynidon the Hateful

al'Cary the Cunning

Jahem the Indomitable

Mustered once more from their respite, well-earned after defeating the Ice Lords of Saturn and the Mutant Harpies that dwell in the space between rationality and madness, they descended as they always had when the time came for their powers once more.

Still, in true God-like fashion, shortly after arrival MDD gave up on any sort of organized or coordinated effort to instill hope in the spirits of the Tower or City.

Richard Nixon 37th President of the United States of America
Oscar Wilde Infamous Irish Playwright, Poet and Author

MDD: An introduction

by Idris

The Foxhead Medallion A symbol of the MDD Company.
Sodalite The symbolic stone of the company
The Color Blue paired with the metal platinum symbolizes MDD

There is much received wisdom regarding the youngest and arguably most tightly-knit of the Tower Companies. But received wisdom is often neither wise nor true and so we must turn to the source in search of perspective and enlightenment.

Here then, is a take on Mahdi'in d'ma Dieb words of its members, aspirants and close associates. May it serve you well.

The official line

However, the person wanting it for their class never got around to it. Just stick it on the wiki and say it's done. The company description, as set out in the company pages, hints at a company of marked individuals, free-thinkers and sardonic wits of whom it would be easy to assume egoism and irreverence were inherent traits. Unlike Sunday mornings however, not everything is as easy or as simple as it at first seems. Indeed, in between the derision of ignorance, the implications of exclusivity and the gentle mocking of convention, there are tenets that bear closer examination: freedom, creativity, loyalty, independence and an acceptance that everyone has something to offer, however small.

See: TarValon.Net

As Sela Sedai stated back in 2006 (at the time an impartial observer of MDD and not bonded to one of the founding members).

Sela Narian

There are many misconceptions about MDD. Some say MDD is a company for those who believe themselves unbeholden to policies--such as respect and decency--of general social interaction. This is mostly untrue. MDD members would probably save the world just as soon as anyone else. I bet some of them donate blood, and I know that Darim Gaidin loves kittens. Just today I saw a picture of Jalen Gaidin hugging a baby!

That was then, this is now

But time marches on and 2006 has long since faded into distant memory. So what of the moment? Have things changed for MDD or are they still prone to invention? Do they still take the time to stop and listen to one another and engender a spirit of collaboration which ensures the points they make are valid and true? I asked; what’s it all about?

Note: All replies edited to remove the naughtier words and tangents. See italics.

Pip al’Dealys, Gaidin

For me MDD is just a bit of fun with the odd casual laugh thrown in to boot. What I've found is that we seemed to be grouped together a lot more than the other Companies and it seems to be 'MDD are most naughty' or 'MDD did....', so we've lost our individuality and entered a collective. Personally, I've mixed feelings about this, hence why I'm probably the most active member of MDD outside our forums and why I felt the nice thread was necessary.

I can't remember who it was, but someone described this forum as a contest to show off the biggest e-winky and I think that's a fairly accurate description. Take away the forums and chat to anyone (even redacted for lovliness) and there's a decent person there, yet when we come together on the forums, it turns into a free for all of sarcastic homoerotica and little boys showing off. :P

That probably doesn't make any sense to you but at least I gave it a go. ^-^

But is it all big e-winkys, homoerotica and decent people pretending they’re not?

D'Ran al'Fir, Gaidin

i think the MDD Creed should be Solidarity in Difference or something like it but homoerotic and crass. We mostly love each other and the people we acquaint with. We enjoy ribbing one another as much (if not more) than we enjoy messing with people not affiliated with the group. It's one of the many things I like about the group. We can dish it out and take it, usually.

I've been part of MDD almost since it was started. And honestly I love what I see about them and this place. We've all grown, I think. I think these are good people. As MDD, they are loyal and steadfast in their reliability. They provide hours and hours of entertainment. They are quickwitted and morally depraved. They're a bunch of beautiful people of questionable parentage.

Common ground, then, plays an important part. A mutual acceptance of banter and a willingness not to take things too seriously while, at the same time, still retaining a sense of what is important. To further expound:

Whil al'Gwin, Gaidin

i would agree with D’Ran re: solidarity in difference. we are all different people, some of us very much so (i'm looking in your direction nameless one <3) but i still like everyone here except some guy who's pretty bad at this. despite pip's genius analysis i've never seen mdd's ribbing as any sort of effort to one up one another, quite the opposite i love when one of us pulls off a really good rib or joke or starts a good bit we can all use and expand upon. those are some of my favorite parts of mdd, when someone comes up with a funny thing we can all get in on.


if i had to pick out what "made" someone mdd i would say not only being willing to take a joke but being able to skillfully craft and execute a joke. there has to be humor but also some degree of nuance to the humor otherwise it doesn't really fit with what we do. we might be idiots, but we're very smart idiots.

Humour then, is integral. And, while it may seem malicious to the outsider, it becomes apparent that it is for the sheer pleasure of a well executed jest. Clowns and jokers to either side then, with you stuck in the middle?

Darim Pelegro, Gaidin

So, SDS is Brawn, DM is 'Brain', VC is Heart, and when they made MDD, we were to be Spirit, which has been interpreted as independence of thought, heart and body. Not only independence of spirit, but strength of spirit - we stand alone a lot of the time, even in the face of one another, either for a lark or on principle. That is what separates us from the other companies: our capacity to act alone, independent and with commitment.


We're individuals... just together, rather than alone, because it's more fun that way.

While there are perhaps grounds to quibble as to the independent nature of other companies, it is undoubtedly the case that many within MDD are indeed notable for doing their own thing whether ridiculous or somewhat more considered. Humour, independence and freedom, it would seem, remain at the core of what makes MDD MDD.

Izanagi Asklepios, Gaidin

something too naughty to share

Along with not taking things too seriously. Even this.

Maeric Kelskaith, Gaidin

I had this buddy in college. He was sardonic, sarcastic, politically un-correct, and utterly crass. I wanted to break his face for about the first month that I knew him. But the more time I spent with the guy, I realized that he was actually just full of poop. Most of his acidity was just a test to see who could actually stick with him. If you could hang, and even possibly give a little back, he started treating you decently. Or as decently as he could treat anyone with his questionable manner. I would watch him as he interacted with new people. They either loved him or hated him. Most hated him. But he was cool with that, because he knew the friends he did have accepted him for exactly who he was. John actually became one of my better friends while I was in college.

I see MDD and it many of it's members like my buddy, John - surly, vain, acerbic, and highly intelligent. MDD is rough and down-right uncouth. And yet, all the more endearing for it's unapologetic character. If you can hang, have a sense of humor, not take what is said quite so seriously, and possibly return some in kind, then MDD might perhaps be a friend to you. It certainly has been that for me.</i>

This, for me, best sums up what MDD is about though, if it is a test, it isn’t a conscious one. Fundamentally, it’s about people being people. It’s about humour, individuality and an acceptance that nothing’s so serious that you can’t poke a little fun at it. Everyone’s different, and not everyone gets along all the time; but it’s ok because, ultimately, we dream the same dream and we want the same thing.

And some of us hide song references in dry pieces of text.

Those songs being (in case you're interested): 1. Easy like Sunday morning – Lionel Ritchie 2. Ice, Ice, Baby – Vanilla Ice 3. Stuck in the middle with You – Stealers Wheel 4. (we want) The same thing – Belinda Carlisle

Members of MDD

Whil al'Gwin Former Overlord and Company Commander of MDD, Hot Emo

Current Leadership

  • Morrighan Daghdera, Overlord, Company Commander
  • Alexr al'Petros, Horror Guard
  • Alexr al'Petros and Morrighan Daghdera, Counselors in the Hall
Lady Jaja P-p-pa-poke her face.
Jeryn Lekar Too sexy

Others As Well As the Ones Above Because I don't want to edit this all the time

  • al'Cary Mandoragon, Overlord Emeritus
  • Alexr al'Petros
  • Aves Keynes, The Kracken
  • Bale, Never Forget
  • Bao the Wyld, Overlord Emeritus, Ooooooh Ching chong ling long
  • Barmacral Tigana, Overlord Emeritus
  • Bayrd al'Syeen, The Butcher
  • Calen Velervron
  • Ciaran al'Trystan
  • D'Ran al'Fir, Hot Slut
  • Darim Pelegro, Lady Jaja
  • Doquel Juviem
  • Emp Orer
  • Gerrok Grenshaw
  • Gwynidon Camyrin
  • Idris ab Eynon, George
  • Izanagi Asklepios, Human Centipede
  • Jahem al'Arathul
  • Jalen te'Kreg, Overlord Emeritus
  • Jeral Mazur
  • Jeryn Lekar, Overlord Emeritus, Useless Swede
  • Maeric Kelskaith, Voodoo Needler
  • Marrow Rahien
  • Mathei Kardone, Dean of STFU
  • Morrighan Daghdera
  • Murasaki al'Aevon, Overlord Emeritus, Equality Gaidin
  • Paderic Acbeare, First Lady Emeritus
  • Pip al'Daelys, Overlord Emeritus, Bother Bother Bother
  • Raam Sho'am, Overlord Emeritus, Inhuman Monster
  • Sataere Thruthheim, Overlord Emeritus
  • Segurant Trevalaer
  • Sin Selar
  • Sunri Sewatcher, Hot Stuff/Company Tool
  • Taric Gillandred
  • Tsureio al'Edit
  • Vealdan Annalin
  • Venric Methalion, Unholy Pope
  • Whil al'Gwin, Overlord Emeritus, Idiot
  • Yamaal Morlovan

MDD in Exile (Lemon's List)


People you won't see on this list because it isn't about them, but who might be worth mentioning

  • Aes Sedai we bonded
  • Aspirants
  • Aes Sedai who desperately want to be bonded by us
  • Invited guests

Member Biographies


Az is a hottie

This buxom Gaidin has been courted by all the companies, but it was MDD that captured his heart. Azrael, however, is a man of compassion, and being such, let down his suitors gently.

Thanks for allowing me to guest with Dm these last few weeks, but I think it's time we took a break. No really, it's not you, it's me. I found some other company. I just don't feel that way about you. So I think we should see other people. I hope we can still be friends. I'll call.


Other Company

Some suitors didn't get the hint. Azrael had already found the love of his life but there was this other company that thought that persistance would pay off and 4 books didn't disabuse them of that notion. Nobody likes a 3rd wheel.

Azrael al'Letifer



In its modern usage, Jalen denotes overconfident pride and arrogance; it is often associated with a lack of humility, not always with the lack of knowledge. An accusation of Jalenism often implies that suffering or punishment will follow, similar to the occasional pairing of Jalen and nemesis in the Greek world. The proverb "pride goes before a fall" is thought to sum up the modern definition of Jalen. It is also referred to as "pride that blinds", as it often causes someone accused of Jalen to act in foolish ways that belay common sense. In reference to someone being in Jalenity: jalenity is a fulfillment of being Jalenistic or a continual behavior of being prideful. Victor in Mary Shelley's Frankenstein exudes Jalen in order to become a great scientist, but eventually regrets this previous desire. Faustus in Christopher Marlowe's play Doctor Faustus exudes Jalen, all the way until his final minutes of life. Annabeth Chase's (of Percy Jackson and the Olympians) fatal flaw is Jalen.


During the Days of Darkness when there were but three Companies of TarValon.Net, it was Foretold that a new Company would come to shake the pillars of the Heaven and Earth. And so it came to pass that Sataere the Cruel, Bale the Unforgiving, Sunri the Sly, Darim the Magnificent, Gwynidon the Hateful, al'Cary the Cunning, and Jahem the Indomitable rent the fabrics of reality and formed with their adamant hands, a new creation. It was a Company like none other. It was MDD. There is but one Company and Maeric Kelskaith, called the Burninator and Voodoo Needler, is its Prophet.

A true prophet's prophet, Maeric is a swanky fellow. Though not a member of the Mighty 7, his application to the Company was one of predestination. Evaluating his merit and faith, the Mighty 7 inflicted upon him a grievous test of testicular fortitude during which he was sorely taxed. He felt their touch of ancient anger and the claws of undying sorrow. Recounting his trial, he was heard to say, "“The darkness took me, and I strayed out of thought and time, and I wandered far on roads that I will not tell. Naked I was sent back-for a brief time, until my task was done. And naked I lay upon the mountaintop. I can't really remember why I was naked or how I got on the mountaintop.”

Being the Prophet of MDD, Maeric has been endowed with a life that is an epitome of success. He was born under the pale light of the full Wyoming moon and the jackalopes sang in jubilation at his coming. He meteorically rose to become a facade of integrity for his intransigent Company. Each of the different phases of his life provide examples for anyone who wishes to emulate it for righteous living. The Prophet's character is naught but a paragon of virtue, a model for all men and a mannequin for all women. At one particular Anni, Maeric's sacrosanct character and his regard for truth and honesty won him the epithet of "Burninator" from his compatriots and those in attendance for submitting the MDD Awards unto the cleansing flame. His supernatural skill in the occult art of Voodoo Needling, what he lovingly calls "Pinmanship," has dominated many in the ranks of the Tower including those within its very Adminstration. Some say that he is a Lich and his life force is bound up in a magic phylactery. Some say that he's the only non-asshole of MDD. Some say "who is he again?" No one really knows for sure.


Mathei founded STFU, a school for gifted young adults

The illustrious Mathei Kardone joined the ranks of MDD some years after the initial crusades and their aftermath had cooled. He was something of a religious hermit and pilgrim, moving from one barren wasteland to the next, in search of the right place to sew his spiritual seed. In the fine company of MDD, he found his home. He founded a school, STFU, and invited all who had the courage and fortitude to come and learn from the fine men and their female compatriots in MDD. Some topics of instruction included: Texas Hold Em, Inflaming the Proletariat, and STD Awareness. Let none get in the way of his re-edification and transformation of the minds of's malleable masses, lest they face his awesome wrath.


Artist's rendering of Raam

Like a chill in your bones, Raam's presence fills you with dread. In MDD he is likened unto Death, roaming the vast wasteland of the internet spreading discord, loathing all whom his eyes fall upon. One day, he will scour the earth, except for his Chosen People. And from his depraved mind will rise forth a tempest on the day of the apocalypse, rending the flesh from the moronic, annihilating the souls of the pretentious, and destroying the hopes of billions. And no, he didn't steal any of this from God. God stole it from him.


whil gaidin can do magic

Whil is, depending on your culture and upbringing, a friendly woodland spirit, a sentient wind-creature, or the patron saint of japanese monster movies. When he chooses to grace you with his presence, your spirits begin to soar and your mind is enlightened. Whil's legs are made out of tigers and his heart is full of hate and gasoline. Whil is known throughout the halllowed halls of the MDD compound as a lothario, a modern day Don Juan, an impish male beauty that the ladies are powerless to resist.

This rakish rogue sweeps into a room and turns all hearts a-flutter, leaving many craving death, knowing that they would never be able to suckle upon this Lothario's man flesh. He also is lactose intolerant. And a trichotillomaniac. But don't be dissuaded from loving this gaseous, eyebrowless, lovely man. Knowing his embrace is akin to freebasing your childhood memories. Come to Whil. Come to flavor country. Except don't, he's awful.

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