Corianin Nedeal

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Author: Atarah al'Norahn


Corianin Nedeal was an Aes Sedai of the White Tower, Ajah unknown. Until Egwene, she was the last Dreamer known to the Tower, although Verin says that she hardly deserved the title. She died 473 years ago, in the year 526 NE (TDR, Ch. 21; TWoRJTWoT).

Corianin Nedeal studied dream ter'angreal for at least fifty years (TDR, Ch. 21). Among the ter'angreal that she studied were a twisted ring, a rod of clear crystal, an unclothed alabaster figurine of a woman, an iron disc, and a carved hedgehog (TDR, Ch. 21; TDR, Ch. 25; TDR, Ch. 53). The twisted ring ter'angreal, which is later passed on to Egwene, was in Corianin's possession for most of her life. She managed to remove the existence of this ter'angreal from the records in the White Tower (TDR, Ch. 21).

Verin thinks that Corianin was a very secretive woman. She kept most of her knowledge to herself, leaving most of what she had learned only in her notes (TDR, Ch. 21).


  • When Liandrin and twelve other Black sisters flee from the Tower, they take many ter'angreal with them; among them are thirteen ter'angreal that were last studied by Corianin (TDR, Ch. 25).
  • Egwene repeatedly goes to Tel'aran'rhiod in an attempt to find out what the Black Ajah wants with the ter'angreal studied by Corianin (TDR, Ch. 27).


"I understand from Anaiya that you might become a Dreamer. The last was Corianin Nedeal, four hundred and seventy-three years ago, and from what I can make of the records, she barely deserved the name. It would be quite interesting, if you do." (Verin to Egwene; The Dragon Reborn, Chapter 21)

Page upon page, covered with a precise hand, the black ink barely faded after nearly five hundred years. Corianin Nedeal's notes, everything she had learned in fifty years of studying that peculiar ter'angreal. A secretive woman, Corianin. She had kept by far the greater part of her knowledge from everyone, trusting it only to these pages. Only chance and a habit of rummaging through old papers in the library had led Verin to them. As far as she could discover, no Aes Sedai besides herself knew of the ter'angreal; Corianin had managed to erase its existence from the records. (Verin; The Dragon Reborn, Chapter 21)

Item. A rod of clear crystal, smooth and perfectly clear, one foot long and one inch in diameter. Use unknown. Last study made by Corianin Nedeal. Item. A figurine of an unclothed woman in alabaster, one hand tall. Use unknown. Last study made by Corianin Nedeal. Item. A disc, apparently of simple iron yet untouched by rust, three inches in diameter, finely engraved on both sides with a tight spiral. Use unknown. Last study made by Corianin Nedeal. Item. Too many items, and more than half the "use unknowns" last studied by Corianin Nedeal. Thirteen of them, to be exact. (Egwene; The Dragon Reborn, Chapter 25)

A list lay in Egwene's pouch of the ter'angreal, most small enough to slip into a pocket, that had been stolen by the Black Ajah when they fled the Tower. They all three had a copy. Thirteen of those stolen ter'angreal had "no known use" written alongside, and "last studied by Corianin Nedeal." But if Corianin Sedai had truly not discovered their uses, Egwene was sure of one of them. They gave entrance to Tel'aran'rhiod; not as easily as the stone ring, perhaps, and perhaps not without channeling, but they did it. (Egwene; The Shadow Rising, Chapter 11)