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Ter'angreal are tools, created during the Age of Legends, that perform a specific function. Some of them had to be used with the Power, and could only be used by Aes Sedai. Others could just be touched, or used by anyone.

After the Breaking, a few ter'angreal remain but for many, no one knows what the original purposes for them were. Research in this area are limited due to dangers that come with ter'angreal. A few researchers have been killed or burned out while studying, or working with them.

Known Ter'angreal

There are a few that we know about and have studied. These include:

  • A'dam, used by the Seanchan, made to leash a female who can channel. The most common form is a silvery metal collar and bracelet linked by a leash of the same material. The A'dam can only be used by a woman who has potential to channel.
  • Bloodknife rings: Rings carved in the shape of a vine with thorns that blur their user's forms when in shadow, but slowly kill them (ToM, Ch. 33; Ch. 42).
  • Bowl of the Winds: The Bowl of the Winds is a bowl shaped ter'angreal used to control the weather. This was not its name in the Age of Legends.
  • Domination Band: The Domination Band is a male a'dam is a ter'angreal made to control men who can channel.
  • Foxhead medallion: A ter'angreal that melts the flows of the One Power; the bearer won't be touched by them directly.
  • The Guardians: The guardians is the name given to a ter'angreal, or possibly set of ter'angreal in Far Madding that both prevent people from channeling around the city and detect channeling when it occurs
  • Redstone doorway: stands . A freestanding doorway, twisted so strangely that the eye keeps slipping away from the contour and decorated with three sinuous lines that run from top to bottom on each upright. When the person passes through it, they enter a strange world and are allowed to ask three questions and receive truthful answers.
  • Talisman of Growing, given to the Ogier by male Aes Sedai who took refuge at the stedding after the Breaking. The Talisman is triggered by certain kinds of singing, such as Ogier Treesinging. It allowed the Ogier to expand the Ways after the Aes Sedai had left them.
  • Well: A ter'angreal that can store the One Power
  1. A Slim Jewelled belt: Worn by Nynaeve (WH, Ch. 34).
  2. A Hummingbird: Worn by Cadsuane (WH, Ch. 34).
  • A wooden carving of a hedgehog, no bigger than the last joint of a man’s thumb. Any woman who tried to channel through it went to sleep (TDR, Ch. 25).
  • A carved cluster of six spotted dice, joined at the corners, less than two inches across. Use unknown, save that channeling through it seems to suspend chance in some way, or twist it (TDR, Ch. 25).
  • A Ter'angreal that makes images of flowers and the sound of a waterfall (ACoS, Ch. 17).
  • A stone carving a little larger than a hand, all deep blue curves vaguely like roots (TPoD, Ch. 2).
  • A tiny stoppered vial that might have been crystal, with a dark red liquid inside (TPoD, Ch. 2).
  • A brilliant red rod no larger than a forefinger, utterly smooth except for a few fine lines worked into the surface in a sinuous interconnecting pattern. Used to contact people (CoT, Ch. 21).
  • A ter'angreal used for detecting the Power, worn by Nynaeve (KoD, Ch. 27).
  • rema'kar: A ter'angreal of unknown use possessed by Moridin (ToM, Ch. 5)
  • Dreamspike: A ter'angreal that can block gateways and inhibit movement in tel'aran'rhiod (ToM, Ch. 5)
  • Seed: A Seed is a ter'angreal that is used to create angreal.
  1. A ring carved from stone, all flecks and stripes of blue and brown and red, and too large to be a finger ring, allows anyone full access as long as it is touching them when they sleep (TDR, Ch. 21).
  2. A disc, apparently of simple iron yet untouched by rust, three inches in diameter, finely engraved on both sides with a tight spiral. Allows a person partial access to tel'aran'rhiod (TDR, Ch. 25)..
  3. a plaque no longer than a hand, apparently dear amber yet hard enough to scratch steel, with a sleeping woman somehow carved into the middle of it (TSR, Ch. 11).
    • Possible Sleepweavers
  1. A rod of clear crystal, smooth and perfectly clear, one foot long and one inch in diameter (TDR, Ch. 25).
  2. A figurine of an unclothed woman in alabaster, one hand tall (TDR, Ch. 25).

Ter'angreal in the White Tower

  • Tri Arches, located within the heart of the Tower. It requires women who can channel to activate it. These are used to test a novice trying to advance to the rank of Accepted. They are made of a silver material, and just tall enough to pass under. They test an initiate by making her face her fears, first for what was, second for what is, third for what will be Nobody is sure whether this was the original intended purpose for the arches.
  • Aes Sedai Testing Ter'angreal: A great oval ring, shimmering in a multitude of colors, that leads the summoned Accepted into another world, where she has to perform one hundred weaves without fail.
  • The Oath Rod, used by each Accepted as she gives the Oaths that are part of becoming an Aes Sedai. It is capable of binding oaths bone deep, so they can't be broken unless stilled or dead.
  • Chair of Remorse: The Chair of Remorse is a ter'angreal in the White Tower, used for punishing thieves, strongarms and other criminals.

Ter'angreal in Rhuidean

  • Redstone doorway. This doorway is decorated with rows of inverted triangles running the length of each upright. Anyone who enters is granted three requests for a price and the price can be very high. Both doors can only be used once by the same person. You are not allowed to bring anything that makes light, no iron, and no musical devices through the doorway.
  • Aiel columns: A ter'angreal, perhaps the only one made specially for the Aiel (TSR, Ch. 25), which reveal the Aiel's history to any of Aiel blood who enters, the person experiencing key events in the lives of their ancestors.
  • Arches: Three Arches in Rhuidean that women wanting to be Wise Ones go through in which they see all possible futures.
  • A flat silvery ring, ten feet across and thin as a blade (TSR, Ch. 24).
  • A shiny black metal spire, narrow as a spear and no longer, yet standing on end as if rooted (TSR, Ch. 24).

Ter'angreal identified by Aviendha

  • A slim black rod, a pace long, flexible enough to be bent into a circle: Causes pain, the amount of which can be carefully controlled (KoD, Ch. 15).
  • A slick feeling thin metal cap, covered with strange angular markings: Allows the wearer to control an unknown machine (KoD, Ch. 15).
  • A small hinged box, apparently ivory, covered with rippling red and green stripes: A kind of music box, with hundreds or even thousands of tunes (KoD, Ch. 15).
  • A flattish white bowl, a pace across: For looking at things far away (KoD, Ch. 15).
  • A tall vase worked with green and blue vines: Gathers water out of the air (KoD, Ch. 15).
  • A blue and white figurine of a bird, long wings spread in flight: For talking to people far away (KoD, Ch. 15).
  • A palm sized blue figure of a woman in an oddly cut dress: For talking to people far away (KoD, Ch. 15).
  • Five earrings, six finger rings and three bracelets: For talking to people far away (KoD, Ch. 15).
  • A bent featureless rod of dull black that accommodates any hand: Involved with cutting non flamable stone or metal (KoD, Ch. 15).
  • Apparently glass figure of a man with hand raised: Chases away vermin (KoD, Ch. 15).
  • A stone carving of deep blue curves: To grow something, that is not exactly a hole. Involved with plants and works by singing. May be a talsiman of growing (KoD, Ch. 15).
  • A stout bearded man, two feet tall, holding a book: Contains works of fiction and non fiction (KoD, Ch. 15). All of the books it contains were written before the opening of the Bore (AMoL, Ch. 1).