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Danelle is an Aes Sedai of the Brown Ajah who was involved in Elaida's overthrow of Siuan Sanche and was one of the group that came to arrest her after the Hall had removed her as Amyrlin (TSR, Ch. 47). She is initially on Elaida's inner council after this (TFoH, Prologue). She continues to have some importance and later writes a report to Elaida about the attitudes of various rulers towards her (LoC, Ch. 7). She does not remain in this position long, however, and is soon pushed aside, though Alviarin doubts she even realizes (ACoS, Prologue). She is blue-eyed (TSR, Ch. 47) and dreamy, with few friends even in her own Ajah (ACoS, Prologue). Mesaana was masquerading as her (ToM, Ch. 42), but it is not known how long she had done this for.



Danelle, on the other hand, the young Brown sister who was supposed to be watching Master Jovarin, the mason, was most likely letting herself be distracted by the books the fellow kept finding for her. That was the only way to explain her failure to question the number of workmen Jovarin claimed to have hired. (Siuan; The Shadow Rising, Chapter 47)

Her cold rage should have sent them scurrying, but though a few shifted uneasily, none made a move toward the door. Little Danelle actually smirked at her. And Elaida calmly reached out and pulled the striped stole from Siuan's shoulders. (Deposing Siuan Sanche; The Shadow Rising, Chapter 47)

They eyed her as she passed, uneasy often as not. The only one to ignore her was Danelle, a dreamy Brown sister. She had been part of bringing down Siuan Sanche and raising Elaida, but lost in her own thoughts, a solitary with no friends even in her own Ajah, she seemed unaware that she had been shoved aside. (Alviarin after being demoted; A Crown of Swords, Prologue)