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A similar entry appears in the Wheel of Time Companion confirming the information available in the main story arc.

Dapple was a wolf companion of Elyas, encountered by Perrin and Egwene after fleeing Shadar Logoth. According to Elyas, Dapple is just a rough translation, the name being closer to "'the way shadows play on a forest pool at a midwinter dawn, with the breeze rippling the surface, and the tang of ice when the water touches the tongue, and a hint of snow before nightfall in the air.'" She led the pack as she was smarter than the others, if not stronger (TEotW, Ch. 23).

Along with Burn, Hopper and Wind, she accompanied Elyas and the others when they met the Travelling people (TEotW, Ch. 27) and then when chased by ravens into the stedding where they met the Whitecloaks under the command of Geofram Bornhald (TEotW, Ch. 29).


Dapple's fur fades from dark to light, through a multitude of shades (TEotW, Ch. 23).