The Eye of the World: Chapter 27

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Author: Val a'Shain

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Shelter From the Storm

Chapter Icon: Three Leaves on a Branch

Point of View: Perrin

Setting: traveling through an uninhabited area north of Andor with the Traveling People

Characters: Perrin, Egwene, Elyas, Raen, Ila, Aram.


Perrin and Egwene spend time with the Travelling People


Perrin is getting restless traveling at the leisurely pace of the Tuatha'an. He fears the Fades and Trollocs that have been pursuing them might catch up with them. To his surprise Elyas does not share his concerns. He seems to enjoy his time among the Tinkers and is in no hurry at all. When Perrin asks him if it is not time to leave Elyas says he has the feeling, or maybe a premonition that it is somehow important to wait. That feeling has saved his life before so he is not willing to leave. Elyas advises Perrin to enjoy his time among the Traveling People.

Egwene seems to enjoy herself too. When Perrin sees her she is in the company of Ila, the wife of the Seeker Raen, or dancing with Aram, a handsome young Tinker who enjoys Egwene's company too much in Perrin's opinion. Egwene too tells Perrin to enjoy himself while he is with the Tinkers, if not for the same reason as Elyas. He thinks they should enjoy themselves while they can, this might be their last chance.

The nights at the Tinker camp are filled with music and dancing. One night the girls of the camp perform a dance for Perrin indecent for Two Rivers standards. His blushes amuse the girls so much they dance it every night after that. Even some of the women join it. To Aram's amusement and Perrin's embarrassment Egwene decides to learn the dance as well.

Perrin's dreams are still not safe from Ba'alzamon. One night Perrin dreams of the Two Rivers. He is accompanied by a wolf when Ba'alzamon appears. He tells Perrin the wolves will be no protection and kills his companion. When Perrin wakes up he looks in the face of Elyas who tells him it is time to go. They manage to say goodbye to the Tinkers without the customary festivities but it still takes considerable time. As the Tuatha'an and Elyas, Egwene and Perrin go their separate ways the wolves tell Perrin of the dream they shared. Perrin shuts them out, still not willing to accept them fully.


Common Themes

Men and Women
  • Perrin thinks Rand knows about girls more than he does

Perhaps Perrin failed to notice just how clueless Rand is.

Character Development


Egwene tries to learn the Tiganza even though she blushes fiercely


What are the "feelings" Elyas gets? Is this a wolfbrother thing?


This section contains Notes on this Chapter which may contain spoilers. Please expand to view.


What are the "feelings" Elyas gets?

This does not seem to be anything that Perrin ever experiences


Hopper doesn't care for humans. He only helps because Dapple wants it.

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