Diary of a First Time Mom: Babywearing Part 3

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Author: Avendaella Tikvah, July 2015

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Part 3 continues where Part 2 left off, with a discussion of various types of baby carriers.

Soft Structured Carriers

Here we are at the big section, well other than wraps. Now lots of personal preference does take into account here. I am going to touch on the two biggest SSCs out there, the Ergo 360, and the Tula. Now there are many other companies that are out there. For instance Lenny Lamb and Kinderpacks are two others off the top of my head.

The Ergo 360

I personally have this carrier and I love it. Ergo found a way to make an ergonomic carrier that would allow safe front facing. There are tons of reasons why the Babywearing community does not like you to forward face your child. It causes back strain and throws you off balance, also it’s not a safe position if your child falls asleep.

Now I could not do the hip carry and I think it was because of my size but other than that I love this carrier. I used it at DragonCon, out shopping, on walks, and just around the house. My hubby likes it as well and it’s not hard to get the hang of.

Now the original Ergos are still good. The only thing you have to worry about is making sure you didn’t get a fake. If you buy from a swap or even if you buy from a store there is a way to make sure you are getting a real Ergo. On a swap anyone selling an Ergo is now being required to verify with the company that it is real. This is done by taking pictures and emailing them. If you get one from a store you can do the same thing when you get it. You can also call Ergo or go to their website and find a list of authorized dealers.

Note: The Ergo only comes in one size (other carriers have Toddler versions), but depending on your kid’s size you can use until your kid reaches 45 lbs.

Ergo Pics

First back carry

TVT 7-2015 mom 1.jpg

Home test back carry

TVT 7-2015 mom 2.jpg

Forward Facing

TVT 7-2015 mom 3.jpg


Oh my goodness this brand. I got to rent one recently and I fell in love with it. It is not a bulky as my Ergo (don’t get me wrong I still love my Ergo) and the designs are to die for (I personally love the Skipper). This has to be the most popular SSC out there. They have a Standard size and a Toddler Size.

This company has restockings on Thursdays and Sundays, though Sunday is the wrap conversions which are really pricey. They usually sell out quick but it’s so worth it if you get one.

Tula Pic

TVT 7-2015 mom 4.jpg

Also compared to Ergos a Tula will retain it’s value and may increase if they discontinue it and you decide to sell. I do not personally recall hearing about fakes but like with any carrier they could be out there.

If you have any questions on carriers please PM me. I hope I gave you enough insight without overloading y’all.

A few more wrap pictures:

Nebula wrap tied Ruck

TVT 7-2015 mom 5.jpg

Mardi Gras Fun

TVT 7-2015 mom 6.jpg

One last thing, all of these carries take practice. I can look at my early wearing pics and see where things weren't exactly right but that is to be expected when starting out. If you can always try to ask either a friend who babywears or a group where you can post a pic just to make sure. I will gladly help anyone out that has questions. Happy Babywearing!

Next time, the First Birthday!