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The Director of Outreach oversees our community's philanthropic endeavors. They are responsible for the Robert Jordan Memorial Scholarship, the annual fundraiser, and smaller-scale activities through our Servant of All team.

Position Level: Executive

Department: Department of Outreach/Executive Branch

Rotation: Non-rotating position

Merit Eligibility: Executive Merit


The Director of Outreach can be contacted at

Chain of Command

The Director of Outreach reports directly to the Keeper.

The Servant of All Coordinator report directly to the Director.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Handle the training of admins and staff within your department
  • Plan and execute the philanthropic efforts of our community
  • Keep track of progress during fundraisers and drives, and communicate standings to the community of TarValon.Net on a regular basis during these events
  • Keep in regular contact with the Keeper and Amyrlin via the boards and email (or Discord, if that is mutually agreed upon)
  • Work with various Departments to promote and achieve philanthropic events within and outside of our community
  • Be available and prioritize attending quarterly executive meetings
  • Be flexible and able to handle/work around emergencies

Time Commitment

  • This position should take 5-10 hours weekly outside of scheduled events.


  • Meet one of the following:
    • Be a Tower Sworn for 1+ years, or
    • Be a member of at least 1+ years with a year of relevant experience in a similar role here or elsewhere
  • Be in good standing
  • Be knowledgeable and/or willing to learn about philanthropic/charitable organizations and endeavors
  • Be hardworking, creative, and a driven self-starter. A lot of the work in this position revolves around coming up with new ideas and enacting your vision.
  • Be able to adhere to a set schedule with firm deadlines; this position oversees our annual fundraiser, the Robert Jordan Memorial Scholarship, and other time-sensitive endeavors.
  • Be tactful and exercise discretion
  • Be able to collaborate with other Executives
  • Must be able to access TarValon.Net (at least boards, Discord also appreciated) on a regular basis
  • Have a passion for philanthropic events in our community! Dream big, and realize those dreams!


Directors of the Department of Outreach