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Dobser was an Asha'man turned to the Shadow by Taim. When Androl and Pevara were planning on freeing Logain, they chose Dobser as the man to go for to learn Logain's location. Before being turned he was a drunkard and kept his love of wine afterwards. It was thought that as his dedication to the Light was lukewarm, his dedication to the Shadow might be weak, making him wasy to bribe. Emarin also felt that Dobser was fairly slow witted and likely to be easily persuaded by a few well chosen statements. Emarin persuades Dobser that he was only following Logain because if he spent too much time round Taim, Taim would have realised his true identity and is able to get Dobser to tell them where Logain is being kept.


"Why, if anyone else knew a High Lord of Tear was among our ranks, there'd be no end to the bootlicking." (About Emarin)

"I picked him because of his...well understated powers of cognitive expression." (Emarin)