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A similar entry appears in the Wheel of Time Companion confirming the information available in the main story arc.


Androl Genhald is a Taraboner Asha'man with the rank of a Dedicated. He is a square fellow with heavy eyebrows, and he wears a gold signet ring. After Logain takes most of the loyal trained men, Androl becomes the unwilling de facto leader of the remainder of the loyal faction (ToM, Ch. 46). He is trying to hide the details of his past and sometimes tries to keep the details of just how much he knows hidden (ToM, Ch. 46). Once, he has tried himself at the Game of Houses, which is an episode he doesn't want to go into (AMoL, Prologue). He is double bonded to Pevara Tazanovni (AMoL, Ch. 2)

He has a mild form of madness and feels that the shadows are creeping towards him every time he holds saidin for long periods of time. He is aware that this is madness due to the taint, but this doesn't stop him from believing it completely (ToM, Ch. 46).

He knows how to use the Flame and the Void (AMoL, Ch. 3).


  • Before going to the Black Tower, he traveled widely, learned the sword from his own instructors, learned the horse well enough to shoot an arrow from horseback, worked the ground and learned a farmer's sense for right and wrong regarding the land, sailed two seas, cliff jumped off the highest cliff he could find with the Sea Folk (AMoL, Ch. 8), and had a dozen apprenticeships, including one with a master architect (ToM, Ch. 46, Ch. 56) and a town's Wise One (AMoL, Ch. 3). He also trained as a scout in the woods of the Mountains of Mist, and can pick locks (AMoL, Ch. 4).
  • He reports daily to Logain and tells him he has found two more Asha'man interested in "that new kind of Healing this Nynaeve used on Logain" (WH, Ch. 2).
  • Coteren tries to embarrass him by demonstrating how weak in the Power Androl is. Canler and Nalaam both seize the Power to defend him, but he persuades them against a confrontation (ToM, Ch. 46).
  • After Traveling into and out of the Black Tower is prevented, he has the loyal men survey the perimeter to see the extent of the problem (ToM, Ch. 56).
  • He realises that Mezar is no longer Mezar. He tells Norley to have the loyal men moved into a shared barracks (ToM, Ch. 56).
  • While he is trying to make saddles, Pevara questions him about his past and if he came to the Black Tower out of his own free will or was recruited. When "Emarin" and Canler join them, they discuss what to do about Taim, and the rebel Aes Sedai camping outside the gates (AMoL, Prologue).
  • He is not comfortable that she has been asking about him (AMoL, Prologue)
  • He does not trust Pevara, as she is Aes Sedai, and more because she is red (AMoL, Prologue)
  • He had fought in the Knoks Rebellion
  • He has realized who Algarin really is (AMoL, Prologue)
  • When Algarin say he is Androl's man, Androl says that they are all the Black Tower's (AMoL, Ch. 2)
  • He doesn't believe that Pevara is at the Black Tower to help the Asha'man (AMoL, Ch. 2)
  • Pevara teaches him how to form a link and he seizes control (AMoL, Ch. 2)
  • While linked he is overcome by the newfound power and does not release her when he wishes and she starts to panic (AMoL, Ch. 2)
  • As soon as he realizes, he releases the link and she bonds him (AMoL, Ch. 2)
  • He bonds her in retaliation (AMoL, Ch. 2)
  • Androl feels her considering binding Jonneth (AMoL, Ch. 3)
  • He is demoted back to Soldier (AMoL, Ch. 3)
  • He explains to Nalaam and Canler that they need to pick their battles and they should rescue Logain rather than fighting Mezar, Coteren, Welyn and Mishraile (AMoL, Ch. 3)
  • He could make a gateway thirty feet across (AMoL, Ch. 3)
  • Before he lost the ability to make gateways, he had been experimenting with Traveling (AMoL, Ch. 3)
  • He quickly learns how to understand her thoughts (AMoL, Ch. 3)
  • He doesn't trust Pevara's shield so knocks out Welyn and Leems (AMoL, Ch. 3)
  • His father had killed himself when he started to go mad from the taint (AMoL, Ch. 4)
  • He believes that when a person is turned, the person dies and is replaced by a thing (AMoL, Ch. 4)
  • He takes charge of the attempt to free Logain (AMoL, Ch. 4)
  • When Pevara sends her thoughts to him he does the same to her (AMoL, Ch. 4)
  • He offers himself instead of Evin, but Taim says Androl is too weak to bother with (AMoL, Ch. 8)
  • While Toveine is being turned, Androl notices Taim with one of the Seals (AMoL, Ch. 10)
  • He tricks Evin into killing Abors and frees himself, Emarin and Pevara when his shield drops (AMoL, Ch. 14)
  • Taim sends balefire at him, but Perrin partially removes the Dreamspike just in time and Androl is able to form a gateway for the balefire to pass through (AMoL, Ch. 14)
  • Perrin removes the entire Dreamspike and Androl forms a gateway in front of the Asha'man and Aes Sedai attacking him and his allies, turning their attacks on them and killing them (AMoL, Ch. 14)
  • He drops Logain through a gateway to a place of safety (AMoL, Ch. 14)
  • After Taim, Hessalam and a few others flee, he drops the remaining ones hundreds of feet below ground by a gateway (AMoL, Ch. 14)
  • He decides that only men who want to be bonded should be, so makes sure all the unwilling men are sent away, leaving just the forty-six promised (AMoL, Ch. 21)
  • When the Asha'man go to Cairhien to try and help the retreat of Elayne's forces, he takes control of a circle of thirteen men and fourteen women to weave a gateway from Dragonmount and pour lava on the advancing Trollocs (AMoL, Ch. 30)
  • He takes to wearing a sword (AMoL, Ch. 37)
  • He fights linked to Pevara, killing Trollocs by creative use of Gateways (AMoL, Ch. 37)
  • His regard for Pevara also grows, though she is not entirely pleased when he compares her to a strap of leather (AMoL, Ch. 37)
  • He disguises himself as Nensen when they go to try and steal back the Seals (AMoL, Ch. 37)
  • He has enough experience of war to understand some of the tactics (AMoL, Ch. 37)
  • His group encounters Demandred who sends them back to Taim (AMoL, Ch. 37)
  • Taim believes him to be Nensen and lays a second illusion on him to make him look like Androl again (AMoL, Ch. 37)
  • While Taim is doing this, Androl takes back the Seals (AMoL, Ch. 37)
  • After he gives the Seals to Logain, Logain raises him to full Asha'man (AMoL, Ch. 37)
  • When Logain leaves to find XXX, Androl decides to try and stop the Darkfriend Asha'man from destroying the Dragons (AMoL, Ch. 41)


He is one of Logain's faction and serves as a leader in his absence. Although he is probably the weakest channeler at the Black Tower, the other men on his side look up to him (AMoL, Prologue).

He thinks "Emarin" is a master at giving insults, which amuses him. He also knows that he is really Algarin of House Pendaloan, a Tairen nobleman (AMoL, Prologue).

After Pevara spontaneously bonds him, he also bonds her (AMoL, Ch. 2), which allows them to have a sort of telepathic connection (AMoL, Ch. 3).

Their regard for each other grows (AMoL, Ch. 3)

Strengths and Talents

He is so weak in the Power that he can't break apart a small rock (ToM, Ch. 56). However, he has a Talent for making gateways (TGS, Ch. 5), and he can make large gateways even though he should not be strong enough in the Power to make a functional one (ToM, Ch. 46). It was because of this Talent that he was raised Dedicated, though Logain had to go to Rand to get him raised, as Taim refused (ToM, Ch. 56). As part of his Talent, he does not need to spend time learning a place to weave a gateway from it (AMoL, Ch. 37)

Androl understands gateways - they make sense to him. He thinks this might be because of his fondness for traveling and learning new things (ToM, Ch. 56). He begins to do things with gateways that don't involve traveling, such as using them to cut leather.

He is aware that he is perhaps the weakest Asha'man in the Black Tower (AMoL, Prologue).

Points of View

Androl is one of the characters that we see from his own point of view.

Points of View Chapters


"Something's wrong in this place. Something worse than you understand. Once, long ago, men and women who worked the Power strove together. They were stronger for it. Please. Hear me out." (To Pevara; Towers of Midnight, Chapter 56)

"Such an odd man, this Androl Genhald. How did he so fully mix determination and diffidence, like two threads woven together? He did what needed to be done, all while worrying that he shouldn't be the one doing it." (Pevara, A Memory of Light, Chapter 3)