Dumai's Wells

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Author: Kyria d'Oreyn


Dumai's Wells is a small watering hole of three stone wells in a small copse located on the grassy plains between Tar Valon and Cairhien along the Tar Valon Road. Coming from Cairhien, the next sure water is the Alianelle Spring, at least four days from the Wells.

Here, the battle between forty thousand Shaido Aiel with two hundred channeling Wise Ones led by Sevanna, and six thousand algai'd'siswai and Maidens of the Spear led by Rhuarc, raged. The latter party was aided by two hundred Cairhienin armsmen under Dobraine Taborwin, two hundred mounted Mayener armsmen commanded by Havien Nurelle, one hundred bowmen from the Two Rivers and almost a hundred channeling Wise Ones led by Sorilea. Amidst the fighting, Aes Sedai of both the rebel party and the White Tower could be found with their Warders. The battle did not turn, however, until Mazrim Taim and his Dedicated and Asha'man appeared to turn the Wells into a field of mass slaughter.

The butcher's bill at the end of the fighting amounted to nineteen Two Rivers men, nearly a hundred Mayener soldiers and even more Cairhienin, about a thousand Aiel, three Aes Sedai, half a dozen Warders and one hundred and fifty-one Maidens. The Aes Sedai and their Warders were buried in the clearing near the wells and the rest that could be buried found their graves on the surrounding hills.

(References: Lord of Chaos, Chapter 55; A Crown of Swords, Chapter 2)