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Author: Val a'Shain



Rhuarc was the clan chief of the Taardad Aiel. He is described as a tall older man. His hair is dark red with more than a touch of grey. He has a good smile and a strong, square and handsome face (TDR, Ch. 39). He is of the Nine Valleys Sept and used to be a Red Shield (TDR, Ch. 54). Rhuarc is married to Amys, a Wise One, and Lian, roofmistress of Cold Rocks Hold (TSR, Ch. 12).

Rhuarc is a man who has resigned himself with the idea that the last battle will be fought during his lifetime and that according to prophecy the Aiel will be destroyed except a remnant of a remnant. He is one of Rand's most loyal supporters among the Aiel. He has the kind of confidence and sureness around him Lan displays and he is rather mild tempered for Aiel standards. He usually shows more understanding for cultural differences than most Aiel.


  • Rhuarc crosses the Dragonwall, probably in 998 NE, in search of He Who Comes with the Dawn.
  • Rhuarc is convinced Rand is the Car'a'carn and helps him establish control over Tear.
  • Rhuarc joins Rand and his party on their trip to Rhuidean and is greeted by his wife Amys. (TSR, Ch. 23)
  • After Rand proclaims himself chief of chiefs (TSR, Ch. 34) Rhuarc becomes Rand's loyal supporter and advisor.
  • Rhuarc travels with Rand to the meeting of clan chiefs.
  • After the Shaido leave for Cairhien Rhuarc gathers as many spears as he can and helps Rand pursue Couladin. He helps plan the Battle at Cairhien as well (The Fires of Heaven).
  • Rand puts Rhuarc and Berelain in charge of Cairhien while he is busy in Andor. Rhuarc clears Cairhien of bandits and assists the build-up of Aiel forces on the Plains of Maredo (LoC, Ch. 17).
  • He scouts the Domani refugees and is cautious because of ghosts (TGS, Ch. 3)
  • Rhuarc tells Rand that no one is in charge, except for some cities where the Merchants council has limited authority (TGS, Ch. 7)
  • Rand complains that Rhuarc and Bael haven't done as he asked and Cadsuane says the Aiel have never let him down, though he has failed them. He apologises (TGS, Ch. 7)
  • Rand tells Bael and Rhuarc to seize the council members. Neither likes it, but they agree (TGS, Ch. 7).
  • At the meeting where the Dragon's Peace is signed, he supports Aiendha and tells Rand he doesn't want to go back to the old ways of Aiel forever fighting and killing each other. He speaks for the Aiel during the meeting (AMoL, Ch. 6)
  • The Aiel intend to place all their forces at Shayol Ghul and ignore the rest of the battle until Elayne points out they agreed to be under her command. Rhuarc tells her he has toh (AMoL, Ch. 7).


  • Rhuarc and Lan respect each other.
  • Rhuarc sees Egwene as little more than a child. (TFoH, Ch. 5)
  • Rhuarc and Berelain develop something of a father-daughter relationship during their time in Cairhien.
  • Rhuarc belies that Rand being the Car'a'carn is unquestionable. He is prepared to follow Rand into Tarmon Gai'don.
  • Rhuarc has a deep respect of the Wise Ones, he makes sure to stay away from their business. Being married to one of the most prominent Wise Ones probably helps.


  • Rhuarc has daughters older than Berelain. (TSR, Ch. 3)
  • Rhuarc doesn't like Couladin or the Shaido in general.
  • Rhuarc has a son, Ronam who is due to be Clan Chief seventeen years after the last battle (ToM, Ch. 49)
  • He had intended to declare Blood Feud with the Seanchan and had not been told of Aviendha's vision of the future (AMoL, Ch. 6).


"Aes Sedai, I for one am glad of ... whatever it was you did." For a moment he looked not entirely sure of that, but in the next he had his good temper back. He had a good smile, and a strong, square face; he was handsome, if a little old. "We could have killed them, but three Shadowmen... They would have killed two or three of us, certainly, perhaps all, and I cannot say we would have finished them all. For the young, death is an enemy they wish to try their strength against. For those of us a little older, she is an old friend, an old lover, but one we are not eager to meet again soon." (Rhuarc to Elayne after she, Egwene and Nynaeve channeled to kill three fades. The Dragon Reborn, Chapter 39).

"The sept chiefs will take their turns, and try to decide if they truly wish to go Rhuidean when I die. I would not have come, except that Amys and Bair and Melaine and Seana stalked me like ridgecats after a wild goat. The dreams said I must go. They asked if I truly wanted to die old and fat in a bed." (Rhuarc on who will act as clan chief in his absence and his reasons to cross the Dragonwall. The Dragon Reborn, Chapter 39).

Rhuarc chuckled. "A clan chief is not a wetlander king Rand, nor is the Car'a'carn. There is respect - though women generally show as little as they can get away with - but anyone can speak to a chief." (Rhuarc on being a clan chief. The Shadow Rising, Chapter 37).

"If you leave the city Rand al'Thor has given to you as his hand," Rhuarc said quietly, "how many rumors will grow of it? If you send all of your spears, how many rumors? What will grow from those tales?" It sounded like advice, and then again it did not; something in the clan chief's voice made it much stronger. (Rhuarc to Berelain when the expedition to rescue Rand from Elaida's ambassadors is planned. Lord of Chaos, Chapter 54).

“The Car'a'carn's orders can be clear yet confusing at the same time. He has a gift in that area I think” Dobraine (The Gathering Storm, Chapter 3)