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A similar entry appears in the Wheel of Time Companion confirming the information available in the main story arc.

Author: Estyrien al'Halien


Ellid Abareim was an Accepted in the White Tower when Moiraine and Siuan were Accepted (NS, Ch. 8). Ellid took her test to become Aes Sedai one week after Moiraine and Siuan were raised, but she died during the test. Ellid wanted to choose the Green Ajah (NS, Ch. 12).

Ellid was extremely beautiful; she had wavy golden hair and brilliant blue eyes. Her skin was flawless and she was tall; she had an impressive bosom. However, she was very vain and liked to look at herself in the mirror (NS, Ch. 8).

Ellid, along with Myrelle and Sheriam, helped Moiraine and Siuan after their 'practice' with Elaida. Moiraine believed that it was her, Myrelle, or Sheriam who told Merean about Elaida (NS, Ch. 8).

Ellid always told people what she intended to do, and she invariably did it (NS, Ch. 8).


Many of the novices admired Ellid and some of the Accepted envied her (NS, Ch. 8).

Moiraine did not like Ellid very much, mainly because she had very few faults (NS, Ch. 14).

Ellid was friends with Myrelle and Sheriam (NS, Ch. 8).


"I intend to choose Green, you know? I mean to have six Warders when I ride to the Last Battle." (Ellid to Moiraine and Siuan; New Spring, Chapter 8)

Vanity was a powerful fault, but that was her only real fault. Her only one. It was very hard to like Ellid. (Moiraine; New Spring, Chapter 8)

The beautiful Accepted who wanted to become a Green failed to come out of the ter'angreal... Ellid simply disappeared, and her belongings were taken away. (Moiraine thinking about Ellid; (New Spring, Chapter 14)