Seanchan (Geography)

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Unless stated otherwise, all information herein is taken from The World of Robert Jordan's "The Wheel of Time", Chapter 15.


The Seanchan nation lies on the Seanchan continent. It is bordered by the Aryth Ocean to the east and the Morenal Ocean to the west. It is around fifteen hundred leagues at its widest and four thousand leagues from north to south. To the north is a mountain range known as the Mountains of Dhoom. The Seanchan Blight lays north of this, showing the same corruption of the one on the mainland, but less virulent and lacking Myrddraal and Trollocs. For this reason, it was named the Lesser Blight.

Geographical Features

Bodies of Water
Hills and Mountains
Miscellaneous Features

Cities, Towns and Villages

  • Seandar: Capital city; location of the Court of the Nine Moons.
  • Imfaral: location of the Towers of Midnight.

Other Cities


Except for Kaensada, not much is known about the regions in Seanchan. The ones mentioned in the series are:

  • Aldael Mountains
  • Ijaz Mountains
  • Sa'las Plains

Other Sites

Other places have been named for which we do not know if they are town, city or region. They are.

  • Abunai
  • Alqam
  • Barsabba
  • Dalenshar
  • Jianmin
  • Khoweal
  • Marendalar
  • Merinloe
  • Muyami
  • 'Kon
  • Serengada Dai
  • Tuel