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Emoticon Code Highlight Text Creator
Emote-accepted.gif :accepted Accepted Yenie Antagar
Emote-acurtsey.gif :acurtsey Accepted Curtsey Yenie Antagar, altered
Emote-arch.gif :arch Arch Eyebrow unknown
Emote-balefire.gif :balefire Balefire unknown
Emote-beer.gif :beer Beer! Beer! unknown
Emote-blink.gif :blink Blinky unknown
Emote-blue.gif :blue Blue Ajah Yenie Antagar
Emote-blush.gif :o Embarrassed unknown
Emote-bow.gif :bow Bow unknown
Emote-brown.gif :brown Brown Ajah Yenie Antagar
Emote-bubble.gif :bubble Bubbles! My bubbles. unknown
Emote-bunny.gif :bunny :bunny unknown
Emote-cheerful.gif ^^ ^_^ Azi al'Thone
Emote-cheese.gif :cheese The Cheese Stands Alone. unknown
Emote-clap.gif :clap Clapping unknown
Emote-cool.gif :8) Sunglasses unknown
Emote-cry.gif :cry Cry unknown
Emote-curtsey.gif :curtsey Curtsy Yenie Antagar, altered
Emote-dance.gif :dance Dancing! unknown
Emote-desk.gif :desk Head Desk unknown
Emote-dishes.gif :dishes Doing the dishes Yenie Antagar
Emote-dm.gif :dm Dai M'Hael Yenie Antagar
Emote-drunk.gif :drunk Drunk unknown
Emote-eek.gif :eek Eeeek! unknown
Emote-evil.gif :evil Evil unknown
Emote-facepalm.gif :facepalm Ughhhh Azi al'Thone
Emote-fade.gif :fade It's a Fade! unknown
Emote-fistbump.gif :fistbump fistbump Azi al'Thone
Emote-flat.gif :| Sean unknown
Emote-gaidin.gif :gaidin Gaidin Yenie Antagar
Emote-geek.gif :geek Geek, nerd, whatev. unknown
Emote-giggle.gif :giggle Tee hee! Azi al'Thone
Emote-gray.gif :gray Gray Ajah Yenie Antagar
Emote-green.gif :green Green Ajah Yenie Antagar
Emote-grouphug.gif :grouphug Group Hug unknown
Emote-grumble.gif :grumble Grumble unknown
Emote-ha.gif :ha Ha unknown
Emote-halo.gif :halo Halo unknown
Emote-happy.gif :D Happy! unknown
Emote-horror.gif D: Oh noes Azi al'Thone
Emote-horsey.gif :horsey Riding a horse unknown
Emote-hug.gif :hug Hug unknown
Emote-joy.gif :joy Joy! unknown
Emote-keeper.gif :keeper Keeper Yenie Antagar
Emote-kiss.gif :kiss Kissyface unknown
Emote-knight.gif :knight Knight Yenie Antagar
Emote-lol.gif :lol Laugh out Loud unknown
Emote-look.gif :look << >> unknown
Emote-mad.gif :mad I am so angry right now unknown
Emote-mdd.gif :mdd Mahdi'in d'ma Dieb Yenie Antagar
Emote-mother.gif :mother Mother/Amyrlin Yenie Antagar
Emote-muck.gif :muck Mucking the Stables Yenie Antagar
Emote-nono.gif :nono NO unknown
Emote-novice.gif :novice Novice Yenie Antagar
Emote-pimp.gif :pimp Hello Ladeeez. unknown
Emote-red.gif :red Red Ajah Yenie Antagar
Emote-rofl.gif :rofl ROFL unknown
Emote-rolleyes.gif :rolleyes Roll eyes unknown
Emote-sad.gif :( Frowny unknown
Emote-scratch.gif :scratch Head scratch unknown
Emote-sds.gif :sds San d'ma Shadar Yenie Antagar
Emote-shifty.gif :shifty Who, me? Azi al'Thone
Emote-sick.gif :x Sickyface unknown
Emote-silly.gif :P Tongue unknown
Emote-sleep.gif :sleep Sleepy unknown
Emote-smile.gif :) smiley unknown
Emote-smooch.gif :smooch Smoochy unknown
Emote-suck.gif :suck Suck unknown
Emote-swordy.gif :swordy Valo's Swordy! unknown
Emote-tackle.gif :tackle Tackle hug Yenie Antagar
Emote-trout.gif :trout I heet you with a feesh! unknown
Emote-tug.gif :tug Braid Tug Yenie Antagar
Emote-turtle.gif :turtle Nothing to see here, folks. Azi al'Thone
Emote-ugeek.gif :ugeek Uber Geek unknown
Emote-uncomfortable.gif :/ Meh. unknown
Emote-vc.gif :vc Val'Cueran Yenie Antagar, altered
Emote-waggle.gif :waggle Waggle unknown
Emote-wave.gif :wave Do the Wave! unknown
Emote-weird.gif :weird Weird thread unknown
Emote-welcome.gif :welcome Welcome! unknown
Emote-white.gif :white White Ajah Yenie Antagar
Emote-wink.gif ;) Winkyface! unknown
Emote-yawn.gif :yawn Yawn... unknown
Emote-yellow.gif :yellow Yellow Ajah Yenie Antagar