Get To Know the Reds: Demonfaer

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Demonfaer al'Dreamteare, Aes Sedai





Sophia (Guinea Pig), Persephone (Rat), and Chaucer (Dog) My kitty is now my mom's, he didn't like the non-exploratoriveness (lol) of Denver =(

Favorite Books

Manga, Suspense, Fantasy, Biothrillers

Favorite Movies

Anime, Harry Potter, Horror, Thrillers, Emotional dramas from time to time

Favorite TV Shows

Grey's Anatomy, The Walking Dead, Lie to Me, Bones, Gilmore Girls


Reading, Hunting/fishing/hiking and all that good stuff, drawing occasionally, working with animals.

If I could travel anywhere it would be to

Japan or Ireland

I chose the Red Ajah because

They get me, and I love them. I can be me here... when I am able to be here

Positions I’ve held within the Red Ajah

Umm just as a member of the team for the Spring Festival I suppose

Positions I’ve held around the site

None yet!