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Grayt News!

March 2009

Compiled by Camlyn al'Carr


Well we are our second week into March and for most of you there should be the feel of spring in the air. For those of us down south we are enjoying what is supposed to be Autumn. We have a few announcements to start with this month....

Congratulations and welcome home to our three newest Gray Aes Sedai, Kitiarah Lamseen, Jordan Rayne and Camlyn al'Carr. It was an honor to be raised with you both.

Also for those of you that missed the results of the Gray Ajah Valentine's Day Match up, here they are for your viewing pleasure:

Ellura DeLoir & Yarrow Al'Vare

Faelwhin al'Keer & Melania

Ariana Sulan & Jeffan Caliarthan

Niniel Lalaith & Ferra Nyvar

Geneve Da'Guerre & Esther Silenti

Cursor Wrathwind & Idine Espanyas

Nyarin al'Batera & Cealestis Lumen

Alyssa Letherio & Laurienne Corana

Thalya Nyale & Aldazar Tiarana

Ferra Nyvar & Ivien Tarkand

Do'vran & Alessandra Estelle

Tai' Aan'mahdi & Amendra Roshan

Asine Dormandi & Therian Aventaan

Kerwin Thaumiel & Alyccea Nymaessene

Dovienya el'Korim & Duderin Dedumo

Aleita Taviah & Melina Tashir

Mathei The Wings Suck Kardone & Autumn Sapphira

Amara Danicek & Anigrel Tavadon

Alyria & Kyla Sterling

Dorelei Verreuil & Sa'areah Britthorn

Miriya ay'Anne & Erin al'Denael

Sephrenia Noita & Zashara Da'sainne

Aidan & Tyla al'Mere

Jadar M'Blado & Liathiana e'Kellenit

Naeris Vell'sean & Annouk

Shariyan Al'Feay & Chris Calvat

Elyria Mordayn & Neol al'Wahid

Elia Rijin & Adameera al'Pendara

Jade & Saera

Muirenn & Tel Jagin

Morni & Reianna al'Namere

Locus Sarania & Yelenia Hylraren

Marrow Rahien & Eireann Namar

Jalen Te'Kreg & Chiyuki Nohara

Rhianna Solstice & Sonea llandred

Liiane al'Rhuidea & Yveva

Captain Azrael & Kytera al'Sauvin

Dwynwen al'Muir & Nymeria Donnachaidh

Wil Cambrae & Jolene Hafwen

Caerwyn Jolan & Elin al'Nia

Braedan Fearghal & Melisande Arneil

Twibli Abaru & Wen Chang

Odessa Mandragoren & Serenla Tamowith

Woika Ninue & Feon

Kitiarah Lamseen & Lillian O' Neeus

Celinda al'Velis & Thoridyss Wyborn

Meirah Zaïde & Vallen Draevis

Jordan Rayne & Miridyth Al'Landerin

And round two:

Vallah Sedai and Cariyad Teridal

Sa'areah Britthorn and Noelyn alDenael

Alyccea Nymaessene and Arie Tarou

Neol al'Wahid and Melina Tashir

Eli Soljourn and Nymeria Donnachaidh

Amarande al'Kalin and Camlyn al'Carr

KAIZU!!!! and Jeffan Caliarthan

Kyla Sterling and Troy Valthaven

Ajailyn Morrivinna and Kerowyn al'Sindar

Aduiavas Ida and Katherine Avery

Mirshann t'al'Theorem and Nyriane Amarotta

Ivien Tarkand and Pylar al'Stnap

Narysse a'Jahar and Addelyn al'Vera

Nyarin al'Batera and Locus Sarania

Braedan Fearghal and Zarathi al'Domir

Kitiarah Lamseen and Yngrot Draconian

Thalya Nyale and Adoen Calloden

Shienara M'asynde and Niere al'Aman

Reianna al'Namere and Do'vran

Aryela Dashtahd and Thoridyss Wyborn

Vallen Draevis and Yelenia Hylraren

FYI...keep your eyes open as the Gray Ajah will be running a WoT look alike competition for the whole site. There will be much fun and prizes. All Gray members are excluded.

Gray Member of the Month

Gray Member of the Month, by yours truly.

Oh to see the bright colours of spring again....yep, that's right...March is the time of Bel Tine. So from Grayt HQ, we hope that the Light shines on you this Bel Tine and you all enjoy yourselves during the coming festival. Let us move onto the Member of the Month shall we...this month we would love to take this opportunity to introduce you all to a real flower amongst us, so without more chatter I give you....oh yeah, my drum roll....

Kitiarah Lamseen of the Gray Ajah



Stephanie (Loving Mother and fellow news writer)


How long have you been a member for?

My join date was 25 Jan 2008. So, just barely over a year.

What do you like the most about being a member?

I Love the fact that I've made so many connections. Friends that, without this site and Mother, I would otherwise be without. Now, that you all are in my life, I can't picture it without you. Learning new things from around the world, for example, I'm learning Swedish. It's a little tricky, but I will prevail!

Which forum is your favourite out of them all and why?

I truly lurk everywhere. I post in the Gray Sitting Room because I'm very comfortable there. I also post in the Tavern. Yeah, mostly, I lurk. I'm honing my Stalking Abilities

Have you been to a real life event?

I've been to 2 RL Events. Fall Ball 2008, my first experience, which was at first nerve-racking and then fun-filled. My second was this past Anni 2009! WoW, I don't think we have the time for me to say what that experience was like. It was Euphoric for me.

If yes, which one/s and what is your favourite memory from attending?

Fall Ball 2008, my first experience, which was at first nerve-racking and then fun-filled. Though, I think my favorite memory from that was screaming with Andra Sedai on the roller coasters and meeting Rina!

My second was this past Anni 2009! WoW, I don't think we have the time for me to say what that experience was like. It was Euphoric for me. Though, my favorite memories would be meeting my Sisters, (all of them) and being called by Magz to be raised. I don't think I believed her, like I heard her wrong.

Real life to you is…

My kids, they are pretty much the focus of everything. Which, I'm happy for, I'm just extremely pleased to find something I can do for me.

When real life occasionally eats you, as it does to us all, what keeps you coming back?

As always, my rainbow of friends! I finally have intellectual people in my life and that is not something I am willing to give up easily. I thought for awhile I was losing that part of myself. Now, I can read and learn to my hearts content and be able to share it with others who actually care for what I'm saying and it not be confusing to them.

How are you “Gray” on the site and/or in real life?

I don't think this should be a tricky question but for me it kind of is...I'm the Balancing Act at home and when dealing with my other family members. When it comes to the site, I'm more of the "Playful, Spammy" image of the Grays. But, behind the scenes, I'm a little different. I am not a delicate "Negotiator", I'm more blunt and to the point. Especially, if you are someone that is close to me. It's easy for me to see many sides of a subject and I think that helps both in RL and on the boards.

What are your hobbies, aside from reading?

I love to go fishing, camping, anything that has to do with nature. Most of all though, I love taking pictures. I admit that scenery is my favorite thing to photograph, I think that has to do with my love of nature but, Candid shots of people, there is something to be said for those. Especially when you can get the feel of the atmosphere surrounding the people.

What do you do for work or school in real life?

I was a Server/Waitress and a Hostess at a resturaunt. I miss it, I love working with people.

Sadly kids that's all we have time for this month. Once again, enjoy your Bel Tine celebrations and we'll catch y'all next month. Here is Kitiarah Sedai's favourite quote as food for thought...

"We don't remember days; We remember moments"

Gray Original Artwork

For your viewing pleasure, this month we have asked, and been given permission by, Melina Sedai to post one of her awesome poems. Melina Sedai has some more here at the site, just follow this link and read on....

The Daughter of Night

With jealousy in her eyes

Loyalty she gives to the Father of Lies.

She uses dreams to fight

Known as the Daughter of Night.

In dreamless sleep, in the Bore

By Lews Therin thrown

Ages that come won’t see her any more.

But evil never sleeps for long

Beautiful as a fairy from child’s song

Out she came

But was she the same?

By ages she wasn’t touched

For Lews Therin she still watched.

Stalking him even though he was dead

And finally killed by Moiraine Damodred.

But was it now for ever

Know we will never.

‘Cause through doorway she fells

Different stories everyone tells.

Pie of the Month

Kitiarah Sedai put out a call for your favourite pies to have as our Pie of the Month and got this awesome one from Keisha Sedai and her son, Steven.

Steven's Eggplant Pie (This is a modified version of the Eggplant casserole from Anni)

1 eggplant (peeled and diced) 1 red bell pepper (diced) 1 red onion (diced) 1 can tomatos breadcrumbs margarine shredded mozzarilla cheese graham cracker pie crust

Boil the diced eggplant for 10 minutes. Sautee the pepper and onion in a skillet. Drain the eggplant and add this along with the tomatos to the skillet. Simmer for 10-15 minutes. Spoon into the pie crust and cover with breadcrumbs. Drizzle with melted margarine. Bake at 325 F for 30 minutes. Sprinkle the cheese over the top and bake for another 5-10 minutes.

Let cool and enjoy!


Being Raised by Mother

By Jordan Rayne

Aes Sedai of the Gray Ajah

These are interviews were taken with Kitiarah Sedai of the Gray, Slaine Sedai of the Yellow, Enya Sedai of the White, and myself on how it felt to be Raised at a real life Tower Event by Mother.

Jordan Sedai:

Explain for everyone your first meeting with Mother, please.

I met Mother for the first time at the airport. I was there picking up Liiane and Magz, and I already had Kiti with me. It was a surprise to learn that Mother and Magz were on the same flight, by accident! While Kiti, Lii and I were waiting for Magz and Mother, I pondered what to do when I saw her. Was is okay to give her a hug? Shake her hand? Cry like a freakin baby because she's so awesome? I had no idea what to do! So we saw Magz and had a big Gray group hug, and then Magz introduced us to Mother. As each of us was introduced, Mother hugged us! I have to say it was awesome, and I will never forget it as long as I live!

How did it feel when you had some one on one time with Mother?

Mother is truly a wonderful person! She brought us all together, face it, we wouldn't really know each other if not for her. It was a blast playing drinking games with Mother also, but what I remember the most, was how she made me feel after the "Toast". I couldn't make a toast because I don't do public speaking very well. I was freaked out! She poured me my shot, and when I told her I couldn't do it, she motioned me to hide behind Kiti and Lii. I must've had a "deer in the headlights" look. Later that night, as I was walking by her, she put her arm out and hugged me to her. I stayed there while she finished her conversation. Then she talked to me, and made me feel better about the whole thing. She reminds me of Anaiya Sedai in the books. She makes you feel safe, comfortable, and very, very special. Thank you for everything Mother! I love you!

What was is like to be Raised by Mother?

This is a truly funny one! Because of my fear of speaking in public, I was reassured that I would not be Raised in real life. It was Sunday night, our last night there, and I was third in line to get my shirt. Well, Kiti comes and grabs me and says Magz needed to talk to all the Grays. We go outside, and Magz said Mother wants to talk to us... my first thought was, "What did we do?" We then crowd in to Mothers' cabin and all of a sudden I'm Aes Sedai!!! I started crying and hugged my Grayt Sisters, and Mother too. It meant a lot to me to be Raised by Mother, and I thought I may have botched everything by being a chicken. It means much to me that it was done in a "super secret ceremony". Thank you Mother and Magz!

Any other thoughts on your first Anni-party?

Anni is a wonderful experiance, and not one I want to miss again if I can help it! I want to make it to every Anni. It will probably be the only Tower Event that I can make it too, if I can ever get a job! Because I do not want to miss the next one! Everyone was totally awesome, friendly and helpful. All the Committees did such an awesome job! I know that without them, these types of Events could not happen! And I have to say... the babies were the best!

Kitiarah Sedai:

Explain for everyone your first meeting with Mother, please.

My first meeting with Mother, happened in the airport while picking up Magz and Liiane! Of course, you were with me. I had already been crying at the joy I felt at meeting all of YOU! Thankfully, Lii already gave me my own pack of tissue, Thanks LII!! Naturally, when we saw Magz, we noticed that she a someone behind her following. Of course, we ALL recognized Mother. After the grouphug, I just stood there staring. I stared at all of you! Quite unable to speak, I just started crying harder than before. And, these were my thoughts... "I was staring at the woman who made this all possible. The one for whom without, I wouldn't have these amazing friends." Naturally, I gave her a hug and couldn't stop blubbering. Mother, the awesome lady that she is, kept right on hugging me. If she took a step back to talk to someone, she looked back at me again and would hug me some more, I still hadn't managed any self control! The shock lasted up until it was time to go on our way. My first meeting with Mother, I felt thankful, hopeful, filled with a joy, I hadn't felt in a long time.

How did it feel when you had some one on one time with Mother?

WOW, I had a blast with her! She is ultimately fun to hang with and she definately is (and this may sound odd, IDK) Wise. If I say anymore than that. I'm sure, I'll be giving to much away! I will say, it was an experience I would surely not want to miss.

What was is like to be Raised by Mother?

Trippy! I was so shocked that I was even called on to be raised in the first place, it's hard to think of any other emotion. Of course, crybaby I am, I cried through speaking the Oaths. She was patient, Thankyou Mother! I was trying hard to not to mess up with speaking my Oaths and Mother would smile encouragement. Being Raised by Mother, how can I put's SWEEEEET!!!!! It's something I was happy to get to do. Something that will make my First Anni, ultimately better than the rest of the Anni's I will attend in the future. Unforgettable!

Any other thoughts on your first Anni-party?

Oh please, don't get me started! Everyone did an amazing job on all the committees and kept the ball rolling smoothly. I must say Thank YOU to everyone for making this such an amazing time! I loved watching new friendships and bonds forge. I loved watching and feeling those already forged become stronger! Mother made sure she shared this info with me before the last day and I'm ever thankful for it, considering my emotional joy kept flowing freely down my face,..."It's never goodbye, it's see you soon, see you on the boards, until next time....etc". It's true, it's not goodbye. Our "So longs and Farewells" are not the end, for us, they are a New Beginning!

Slaine Sedai:

Explain for everyone your first meeting with Mother, please.

I was actually pretty nervous! I got to Anni, and she came out of the main lodge and I poked Max and whispered "That's Mother!!!" I was so excited! She gave me such a warm and welcoming hug though that she immediately put me at ease. What an amazing woman!

How did it feel when you had some one on one time with Mother?

I don't know as I really got much one-on-one time with Mother, unless you count our brief time during my raising.

What was is like to be Raised by Mother?

Freaking amazing!!!! My heart was racing so fast and I was shaking like a leaf. What was it like? It impressed upon me how we really ARE Aes Sedai, we are.

Any other thoughts on your first Anni-party?

Holy crap, SO many awesome people and SO much fun!! I'm seriously starting to save for next Anni already. I can't miss it, this is now going to be a yearly vacation for us

Enya Sedai:

Explain for everyone your first meeting with Mother, please.

I was getting something to drink and we met in the corridor and started talking. She was really nice, and we talked a bit about our long journey to get to Anni, and about the stupid airport security (they tried to call her, actually).

How did it feel when you had some one on one time with Mother?

That she was really nice. And it was cool to finally meet the woman who's the leader of this community that brightens up my life.

What was is like to be Raised by Mother?

Scary! I was so afraid to do something wrong, since I was first. But looking back, it was very cool. It made the whole thing more real, since I actually had to swear the Three Oaths.

Any other thoughts on your first Anni-party?

It was totally awesome. I had big expectations before I went, and the party somehow was even better. It was so cool to meet people in RL, especially my White Sisters and some other people I know well.

Gray Articles

An interesting article by Melina Sedai on OCD:

Dear all,

This is not going to be general article on Twilight, my task had been to investigate the term 'OCD'. Well as some of you know OCD here stands for Obsessive Cullen Disorder, those who did not know, now do.

When I picked up the book I honestly did not know what it was going to be about except the general information that the girl falls in love with a vampire. The only scene of the movie I'd seen had been when Edward saves Bella from the van. I did not know what to expect, nor if I would like it. All I knew is that as long as there were vampires I was going to be happy.

Surprise of all surprises, I started reading and couldn't put the book down. I finished the whole series faster then I did the Harry Potter series! When I finished, I picked up the first book again, and for the next month I re-read it so many times. No need to say my favorites were the Cullens', freaky awesome! Then my lovely sis JoJo told me that I had OCD!

When the idea of writing about OCD in our newsletter came up I liked it and here I am writing about it. My aim was to discover where the whole idea came from and how deep it goes. Jordan told us that she first heard about 'OCD' in one of the Red Ajah threads. Our lovely Badria offered help then and since she had been guesting with them as well she was kind enough to ask them. The Reds said that the idea of 'OCD' belongs to lovely Miss Sunshine, Branwyn Sedai! So all we needed now was a story to it. Bran Sedai's reply threw us on another search, though. She said she got it from another website entirely. But she gave us her sentiments on the disease:

"I still have that, and of course, my own coined ailment: Twilightitis. It's quite a lovely disease, really, which allows me to do nothing but think/daydream about Twilight all of the time."

Well I wanted more then two sentences on her sentiments, obviously. But even those two say enough .

In our search we found out that the 'OCD' term had been heard of first on Facebook. So that's where we went to search for the origins. And genius as I am, I found it!!! And realized that I am nowhere near 'obsessed' as some of the people out there are. So, it all started in a facebook group You Know You're Obsessed With Twilight When In some of those I do recognize myself but some are just too funny and childish ; I mean wouldn't you think the same after reading this: "You jump in front of vans to see if Edward will save you."

Now, when I found this I went on to look how deep this obsessive thing goes. It seems those vampires bewitched lots of brains out there. But I did have fun and lots of laughter reading around. I also found some stuff out there that I would like to share with Twilighters. The most fun of all is Twinight. Yes you read it right . I am sure you have all read the famous WoT comic, well this is similar to it.

The other one I found really interesting is definitely Twilight Fanfiction. Ever wanted to know how the story looks from Alice's point of view? Well some of the fans out there got permission from Stephanie to use her ideas and play with characters. Some of them have nice ideas and funny ones too . For example:

"The soft breeze that blew in through the screened window swirled the silken canopy and caused the silvery twists to dance around us. The frame was high off the floor; I usually had to jump a bit to get into the bed alone. The twisting silk and elevated frame reminded me of a boat in the morning mist. It was the perfect calming mirage; I closed my eyes and felt the breeze intensify for a brief second. The vision happened as Jasper dropped us both toward the bed. I knew where the dark place was now, and the skittering something had been a screw from the frame. Only fast-moving bulk like Emmett’s could cause air disturbance like that…

“Jasper, NO!” I gasped, but it was too late. As our entwined bodies hit the mattress, the bed collapsed, iron screeching together.

“Was this my surprise, Lis? To be honest with you, I didn’t really like it.”

“EMMETT! I swear you’ll pay for this!”

“It’ll be worth any retribution you can think of Alice! That’s 5!”"

If any of you want you can probably give it a try too.

Has anyone ever wanted to know how to annoy Edward? Here is Emmett's and Jasper's list of about fifty ways on how to do it. My favorite is without doubt:

"10. Show him the twilight trailer. Ask him if he's thinks that he looks like a pedophile or if it's just you."

So, this should give you a vision of how deep the obsession with the Cullens really goes. Why do we like it so much? I am not sure, I guess everyone has their own reasons. Me? Well, beside the fact that the Cullens are super awesome, the idea of having somebody who loves you and belongs with you for the whole of eternity is just nice. Like a modern day fairy tale I suppose. And now to finish this article here are some release dates for you:

  • The Twilight DVD is coming out in the UK on April 6th 2009!*
  • the DVD will be released March 21st in USA*

NEW MOON IS OFFICIAL! Currently scheduled to come out - Nov. 20th 2009 USA Nov. 18th 2009 - France Nov. 19th 2009 - New Zealand and Australia Nov. 20th 2009 - USA, Canada, Norway, Brazil, Finland, Italy, Norway Nov. 27th 2009 - UK Jan. 7th 2010 Germany

  • Summit has confirmed that the third movie : eclipse will be released June 30th, 2010*

Well, that's all from me folks. Enjoy the fanfiction!

That's all for this month. Once again, if there is anyone out there that would like to do a WoT meme and see it in Grayt News then please email it to Also, if anyone really liked the picture at the top of this newsletter it was created by Badria and she does have larger versions that can be used as desktops if anyone is interested. Just send her a PM and I'm sure she would gladly give you the link. That's all folks!!


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