Heron Tallamand

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Heron Tallamand
Real Name Robert
Location Stuttgart, Germany
TarValon.Net Information
Affiliation Dai M'Hael
Rank Gaidin
Join Date June 5, 2007
Bonded to
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Tower Sworn Interview

Mar 5 2009

When were you raised to Gaidin of the Dai M'Hael?

10th November 2008

Why did you choose Dai M'Hael?

I do like that polite and smart bunch of international guys.

How was your time as Citizen/Recruit/Soldier?

Most enjoyable was my time as a Soldier of the white tower. Much to learn, much time to sit in the tavern and have a drink with all the other people.

How long have you been a member of TV.net?

Since 05th of June 2007

What things do you do for TV.net?

Well, at the moment I am working on a project for the martial guild. My part is to re-read the fist three books and search in them for descriptions of weapons and find their Real Life counterparts. Nice work and I do really love the first books.

Also I am working on the application for next Euro summerparty.

And I designed a TarValon silver coin cast in pewter.

The guests of the Euro Summerparty got one as a welcome present, but the quality of the cast will be improved.

Because I am a RL martial artist and swordfigther it would be a pleasure for me to share my krowledge with other tower members and to learn from them.

How did you get to read the Series?

I bought a lot of books in the past, just without any knowledge what I have in my hands. Eye of the world was just a new book to start and I really liked it. Because I normally don't have the time to read a book twice a sold the first books after I was reading them. But line after line I got deeper in the world of WoT and started to search the internet for further information. I was amazed how big the community was. First year I was lurking and reading at different WoT sites English and German ones. I am registered at two German sites and TarValon.net but here in the shining walls I feel like home.

To whom are you bonded, if you're bonded?

I am not bonded yet, and I am not sure to bond very quick. Because of some bad RL experiences.

Who is your mentee, if you have one?

I have three Mentees at the moment: Rit'koma, Marec al'Kor and Martam Tavaras. Rit'koma is from South Africa and a nice guy, unfortunately he will not be able to join an European or American RL envent. Marec al'Kor and Martam Tavaras are very nice guys. Especially Martam Tavaras surprised me. he was always busy and hardly at the board but he visited Anni 2009!

Who is your favorite character of the Series? Favorite Nation?

Hu. Thats a different question. I do like Lan very much! And his love to Nynaeve.

Favorite Nation? Schienar.

Have you ever attended any Real Life Functions? Did you like them if you did, and why? (Why do you think people should come to any future functions?)

No. Not at the moment

What kind of music do you like?

Classic rock, gothic rock, medieval rock from Germany. And also some movie soundtracks or musicals.

What are your favorite movies?

The last unicorn, Pulp fiction...

What is the craziest/stupidest thing you've ever done?

Stupid? Walking home, totally dunk and singing irish folk songs. Crazy?I joined a wedding party (i didnt know the people ) was drinking and eating something. I kissied th bride and left the party.

What job do you have?

I am a technical engineer and i do work in the development of BMW aircleaner systems.

Do you have a pet?

No, am allergic to a lot of animals, unfortunately horses, too.

What languages do you speak?

English, German and a bit Japanese

What profession did you want to have when you were a kid?

Maybe an aerospace engineer.

Thom or Juilin?

Thom :o)

Sword or Spear?

Both is cool to handle and deadly in the Hands of an experianced fighter. The speer is more dificult to handle in my eyes.

Day or night?

I like the dark. I love to walk in the night. It is some kind of embracing. Vampires are damn cool!

Candy or cookies?

I am a chocoholic. :/

A short bio about yourself.

Ok, a short one. I was born 8th November 1974 in Reutlingen near stuttgart, south Germany. Was going to school there, loved sports and video games. Hated football ( i still do ) and likes to play American sports like baseball. Ninjutsu was hard to find and i didnt want to start another martial art. I had some jobs. had to go to the German Army for one year and after that i decided to study technical engineering. At the same time i startet to do some reeanactment ( Normans 12th century )and still do from time to time. 2003 i started my Ninjusu training and 2008 changed the company because i had to. I dont like changes, but every time i had to change something in my life I was getting better. There is a god in this world. RL is always keeping me busy. Job, Training, WoT, Friends and Family, Strategic boardgames.

I love to paint and to do handcrafts from tiem to time.

I dont want to talk about women and my family status, sorry boys and girls.