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Company Commander: Ivanor Winshaw Honour Guard: Dnae Ila
Warder Council Members: Dnae Ila and Kerwin Thaumiel
The spirit of Dai M'Hael is summed up by the following statement from our former Company Commander, Val a'Shain:
A member of the Dai M'Hael is a Warder who uses their brain as well as their brawn. They use psychology and tactics as their springboard to combat. They are the sort of person who can map out battles in their head, and makes a good officer/tactician working with large groups of people. While also passionate, they maintain a bit of distance and weighs the odds of victory before going into a fight. A Dai M'Hael's greatest weapon is their mind, for it is the mind that orders the fist to strike, the feet to run and the heart to pound. Without using one's mind, a battle will most surely be lost. A Dai M'Hael is like a hawk, shrewd, intelligent and all-seeing. But still wielding deadly talons with great skill when the time calls for it.

The History of Dai M'Hael
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