Howal Gode

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Howal Gode was a Darkfriend merchant who approached Rand and Mat in Four Kings (TEotW, Ch. 32), presumably drawn by the taint of Mat's dagger (TEotW, Ch. 41). He tracked them down to the Dancing Cartman inn during the middle of a storm. He stood out from the rest of the customers in that he was sleekly fleshy, rather than a laborer, and wore fine velvets and silks (TEotW, Ch. 32).


  • He comes into the Dancing Cartman inn well after dark while Mat and Rand are entertaining the locals and seems shocked to see them there (TEotW, Ch. 32).
  • He tries to break Rand and Mat's door down. From the sound, it seems as though he has companions when doing this (TEotW, Ch. 32).
  • Rand sees him, burned and dead, in a dream and Ba'alzamon claims that he will have a reward for finding Rand. His body crumples to dust and his face holds a look of sublime joy that turns to horror at the last moment (TEotW, Ch. 33).


  • He was wearing slippers that were not suited for outside wear, and were especially unsuitable for the streets of Four Kings (TEotW, Ch. 32).
  • He made the serving girls nervous and none of the locals would share a table with him (TEotW, Ch. 32).


"I know what you are, perhaps better than you do. I can feel it coming from you in waves" {To Rand and Mat; The Eye of the World, Chapter 32).