Huan Mallia

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Author: Kyria d'Oreyn


Huan Mallia is a man from Tear and the captain of the Gray Gull. He is tall with pale blue eyes in a narrow face and a dark pointed beard (TDR, Ch. 32).

He has been in the river trade for all of his life, but he dreams to sail out on the sea, because then he could see lands he has only heard of or try to out-trade the Sea Folk. He also speaks of every country except for Tear with contempt, especially Mayene and Illian (TDR, Ch. 32).

When Mat and Thom board his ship, Mallia lets them have his cabin for ten gold crowns. At first he thinks it a fine joke, because he does not expect Mat to have so much money, and he is more than surprised when he actually receives the money (TDR, Ch. 32).

During their trip, Mat gambles with Mallia at dice and lightens the captain's gold chest. Mallia also tries to get to know what their mission is, until Mat shows him the letter from the Daughter-Heir of Andor. When they dock at Aringill, Thom and Mat finally leave his ship (TDR, Ch. 40).


"Good horses in Andor, I’ve heard. Not bad. Not as good as Tairen stock, but good enough. You make good steel, and iron goods, bronze and copper — I’ve traded for them often enough, though you charge a weighty price — but then you have those mines in the Mountains of Mist. Gold mines, too. We have to earn our gold, in Tear." (Mallia on Andor to Thom and Mat; The Dragon Reborn, Chapter 32)