Mountains of Mist

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The Mountains of Mist are a mountain range in the west of the main continent, running from the northern border of Arad Doman to the southern border of Tarabon. Several rivers have their source in the mountains, including the Taren, the Manetherendrelle, the Boern and the Eldar (Map). The mountains separate Almoth Plain, Arad Doman and Tarabon from the nations to the east and are almost impenetrable (TEotW, Ch. 1), but there are passes through which refugees are able to flee to the Two Rivers during the troubles with Dragonsworn and the Seanchan (LoC, Prologue). They are famed for their mines, and the need to keep control of the revenue they bring is one of the reasons that Andor allowed the Two Rivers to forget they were part of the nation (TFoH, Ch. 19). They are also the source of much redstone (TGH, Ch. 12). There are six stedding in the Mountains of Mist (LoC, Ch. 20) and a large lake in the Mountains (Map). During the Age of Legends, they were part of a great Ocean (TEotW, Prologue).


"I was born in the Mountains of Mist, Elayne, at the mines. Your mother's writ runs pretty thin that far west." (Min to Elayne, Lord of Chaos, Prologue).