June 2018 Wrap-Up

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Author: Elyss Koh'inor, July 2018

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Halfway through 2018 already! This June at TarValon.Net we've celebrated Raisings, Bondings, and positions filled and opened. The Outreach Activities Team has also been busy this month, with Blood Drive updates, a Voice Drive, and the opening of the annual Robert Jordan Memorial scholarship.

10 Jun: Leala Gymorraine was raised to Accepted.
18 Jun: Jarl Lewin was raised to Recruit.

21 Jun: Eluial Aldaran and Calen Velervron pledged to fight the shadow.
21 Jun: Nebka Galyn and Calen Velervron bonded in the Light.

5 Jun: New Tower Gatekeeper were announced.
12 Jun: Leo Kian named Mayor of Tar Valon

3 Jun: Hiring for Moderators opened (closed 24 Jun)
13 Jun: Hiring for Social Marketing Team opened (closed 30 Jun)
17 Jun: Hiring for Outreach Activities Team opened (closes 1 Jul)

10 Jun: Location for Euro Party 2019 announced

1 Jun: Name Change for Maibella
4 Jun: The Robert Jordan Memorial Scholarship opened for submissions (closes 5 Jul)
12 Jun: TarValon.Net Voice Drive began (ends 16 Aug)
16 Jun: We got a blood drive update.