Euro Party 2019

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Euro Party 2019
Location Belgrade, Serbia
Date October 4-6, 2019
Local Liaison Theolyn Maryash and Lithiel Morn

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TarValon.Net held Euro Party 2019 in Belgrade, Serbia, October 4-6.

Two competing logos tied for first place in the poll.


By: Ilverin Matriam

Euro Party 2019 was held in Belgrade and I really enjoyed the fact that it was so close to my home country. The city, its history, the people and the whole night life were very close to what I know, so I felt really comfortable. I imagine it was much more foreign for the rest of the people, but I certainly hope everyone enjoyed themselves!

After all of the attendees were assembled (Avengers Assemble!) on Friday, we had the usual toast, everyone said a few really nice words.

Saturday began with everyone going together as a group to Kalemegdan, the Belgrade Fortress, and we kept together until the end of the tour (tour guides were Theo and Luna), which was surprising, since I know how big groups can just split up and everyone goes their own way.

The most important event was Saturday night! We had two amazing Accepted raised to Aes Sedai and I was so happy to have witnessed their raisings. The celebration afterwards was held in a traditional Serbian pub and everyone got to taste tradition Serbian dishes!

What I enjoyed most this Euro Party was that each night all of us would sit down at the hotel's lobby and just chat! Just chat about random things, everyone had their opinions and no one was shy or afraid to speak up. Also, group pictures are important and I am happy that everyone made the effort to be on the group pictures. They will last long and we will be able to remember the good times of Euro Party 2019 :D

By: Eliza Al'Shaw

What can I say? I have wanted to attend a live Tower event for so long that my excitement for this year's Euro party was indescribable!! I booked flights and a hotel the day before, to give my self plenty of time to travel and recover before shenanigans occurred... I get a bus up to London, get trains to the airport hotel and make it to the airport in the morning in plenty of time.

Unfortunately the first flight was delayed. By an hour... Not too bad, might need to change flights because my connection was an hour after my original flight time so I'll have to sort that out when landing.

What I should probably tell you at this point is, I flew with Ryanair (cue eye rolls and "you should have known") if you don't know what that means, they are a super cheap air line, which is fine until you need them to do anything.

When I arrive my flight to Belgrade is also delayed, spot on, loads of time to get sorted and onto the plane. They refused to check me in and print a boarding pass. They also weren't interested in helping me at all. "You'll have to buy another flight" was the only advice I could get. Which was for the next day.

I don't have enough money for a new flight, my bank doesn't know I'm in Greece (they think I'm in Serbia like I told them I would be) neither dose my phone company. I've asked the airport staff for help - nothing they can do, I've asked three times for help from the Ryanair rep - nothing he will do. I have €50 in cash, no contacts in Greece and no mobile phone signal. Enter panic attack No. 1.

I manage to remember that my dad uses WhatsApp and I should be able to call him via the Internet!! Yay for Hero Dads. I'm a mess, but we manage to find contact info for the company that I booked the flights with so my dad can call them and try to sort something out. While I wait, panic attack No. 2 keeps me company.

They have a guarantee policy and I can get a new flight the next day and a hotel, but I have to go through the website and request it all. Of course this doesn't work so panic attack No. 3 means I have to call my dad and get him to do it for me.

My flights come through, and the hotel booking; I'm just waiting for the transport to and from the hotel so I can finally get out of here!! Nothing arrives so I go to the info desk to find out where the hotel is. "Best option is a taxi; it's about 15-20 minutes away." Well I have enough Euros for that and I just want to get to the freaking hotel at this point.

I show the taxi driver the address for the hotel and he knows where it is. He doesn't know a word of English except Beckham and Brexit... Half an hour goes by and I'm a bit worried as this is quite far from the airport and I have an early morning flight next day, but the price of the taxi is fixed so it might take all my cash, but not more. Nearly an hour later... He drops me off and I head into the hotel, ready for food and sleep; it's 7pm local time.

I walk into the hotel and instantly know, this is not the right place. It's basically gilded. No way can anyone stay here for free. I get out my phone with the booking details, refusing to believe this journey can get any worse and holding onto a hope, there's a cheaper part of the hotel in the back somewhere.

The woman behind the desk was very sympathetic. I had no money for a new taxi, I was terrified of having my card blocked being stranded AND penniless. I also couldn't call my dad at this point. She went to see what they could do to help (I had cried) and in the end I made it to the correct hotel with just enough time to have dinner before it closed at 10pm.

I had a mountain view room which would have been GLORIOUS had I arrived in day light, but as I was leaving before dawn, I don't really know what it looked like. I still have to fight for the cost of the transport back to the airport to be covered, but it was a lovely place to spend the end of a very stressful day.

Needless to say, had this been an actual Aes Sedai test, I would not have passed. No sign of serenity that day!

Fortunately the rest of my stay was lovely, and meeting Theolyn Maryash, Ilverin Matriam (and husband), Kerwin Thaumiel, Naeris Vell'sean, Sailea Nerid, Deleios Cherchenuit, Kethaana Nia Khamara, Enya Tawarwaith, Isarma Maracanda, and Aduiavas Ida was fantastic, and seeing Lithiel Morn and Selvyn al'Aran again!!

Lithiel Morn and Theolyn Maryash did an amazing job of showing us around Belgrade.

Thanks everyone for making me feel welcome and being there for my Raising!

I'm going to sleep all day tomorrow!!


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People visited many local sites, such as Kalemegdan, the Church of St. Mark, the Saborna Church, the Bajrakli mosque, a synagogue, the National museum, and Republica Square.





The charitable focus of Euro Party 2019 was Beogradske mačke, a group that takes care of abandoned kittens, spays and neuters stray cats, pays vet bills for sick and injured strays, and tries to find homes for strays. Donations accepted were cash and cat food. 14,000 RSD was collected while in Belgrade, and some people continued to make PayPal donations afterwards.


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Sig Banners

Selvyn al'Aran made sig banners for the event.

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